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  1. ooo yeah!! i videod that part :D:D godd and when he got up on th drums... -DRIBBLE-!!
  2. im pretty sure we all did :D:D:D!!! omg hes so amazing!!! x
  3. haha XD i apologise for nuffink ;D XD
  4. haha ;DDD i cudnt b arsed 2 carry one of those balloons haha XD i just kept bashin them at people ^___^ but wernt he awthum!!! :DDDDDD n yea we didnt get 2 meet him =[[[ ONE DAY THO
  5. aww!! i wanted2 strangle that tall guy in front of me n caz! that ignorant meanie wudnt even step aside ! he didnt answer any1!! he just ignored us =[[ but AYE!! ther was a HUGE adrenaline rush in th air ;DDDDDDDDDD x
  6. cheers hun ;D me n caz r plannin on going 2 another of his gigs fairly soon, THIS time i will DEFINATELY know fellow mika fan club fanz ;D
  7. mmhmm yum yuyup, supervvvvvly so.. hes like... tall... cute.. stunning... innocent... talented.... GIMME!!! ANYWHO! yeah, so i need 2 spend more time on here yo'!!! last nights gig was fookin AMAZING!!! MIKA LUFF!!! problem is, i didnt no anyone ther from th forums!!!! SOOOO if u spoke/got hugged/got frenched/jumped on etc.. by a pink haired ecentric... (pics below) MSG ME !! ;D GO MIKA!!! got a few pics below of me and sum randomz ;D as well as CAZGIRL! zee one and onleh haha ;D PEACE OUT AND MIKA LUV! ;D x p.s. im almost fairly postitively certain to a somewhat questionable and more or less definate state, that MIKA LOOKED AT ME AND SMILED ;D hahahaha how can u miss th pinkness ;D x pics r on my myspace page peeps! comment n ill return th luffage YO ;D http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=103370912&albumId=963418 Crystal Char!* xXxXx <3
  8. AHEM! WE have made love today AND grace kelly ;P
  9. okies every1! Herez zee first post: get postin ur vid responces people ;D like, how much u hart mika n such? just an idea LUFF U ALLL ;D http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/151712/Default-3-mpg.html char<3 xxx
  10. :D sry i missed out th lill mini curl on th fringe =XXXX i forgot >__< but yesh, heres CazGirls Chibi Mika Drawin, but computerised ^___^ (will animate him 2 sing grace kelly ;D)
  11. OMG I WANT A MIKA TAMAGOTCHI ;OOO -tammi beeps in th background- aww shes jealous! i wanna put em 2geva n make mika-gotchi babies ^^
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