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    mikas hott (duh)
  1. could someone please tell me wat his hair looks like? ...i havent seen it
  2. i luv ur pic!! thats pretty sweet.
  3. thanx so much 4 responding- most people like ignoring me,becuz im not on very much.
  4. please noone get mad at me,lol, but idk wat his new hair looks like- could someone post a pic?
  5. i was just wondering when i wil get 2 see him becuz i havent seen him in concert b4 and my cuz said she would go w/ me if i found 1.
  6. i have 2 copies of that pic from the people mag! i keep it in my binder at school, and friwnds make fun of it, but im like, shut up!! i luv him! i dont care if u think hes ugly, because that just makes the chance of me getting him a tiny bit higher!!
  7. i read something that said he was 8 feet tall, but i dont believe it. watev, all that matters is him!! i dont care about his height!!
  8. i heard of him by my aunt and cousins over spring break and i had grace kelly memorized by the end of break!!!! (and the fact that he was the most gorgeous man on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  9. Makizzle


    doesnt he know about this site?? goodness, i'm sure we'd all die to go out with him!
  10. ok, I'll do it too, but exactly how?? i mean, we couldnt really be together cause i think we live all over the world!! i mean, i live in Indiana in the usa, so how do i do it?? i would LOVE to be in it though!! count me in, too!
  11. Makizzle


    hey, r u guys interested in pics?? i have alot of him, and i could put them on my messages if i'm allowed to do that here.well, can i do that?? i will if i know its ok:thumb_yello: Makizzle
  12. hey, i'm guessing almost everyone here are girls and adults. well, i obviously like mika and my cousins introduced me to his grace kelly song and i looked up the music video and now i have all the dance moves and lots of his songs memorized!! but do u guys think any of them r a little weird?? some just arent my style but the rest are my favorite in the world. please keep in touch w/ me!! my friends say hes gay, but i dont believe it do u?? well, i still like him even if he is!! keep in touch-makizzle
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