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  1. ok so someday this week, maybe wed or thurs I was watching MMM and #1 came on and it was MIKA!! I was like WHOA!! YAY! http://www.muchmoremusic.com/countdown/ Ok so it was updated yesterday and AWWW he's at 5 now but that's still good, cause now since he was at #1 he's on rotation for videos to be played over and over again!!!! oh and if this topic is somewhere blame Ash, cause she even told me and I quote (not really I copy and paste;) " AshleyMiranda Everybodys gonna love today,anyway you want to,anyway you've got to, love,love me.. says: i dont think theres a topic yet.."
  2. ok so I seen "Mika" at the name part and was like OMG I never seen it. It's good. well I think I seen a bit of it cause I remember the colors in the video... anyways I was gonna see if Ash was on msn and tell her but haha nope. so I came here lol
  3. ahhh I laughed out loud after reading that lol
  4. i know it don't replace iron but i don't want to eat any dark green veggies today. lol
  5. he's 2 almost 3. but I want to look for a job. and I can't with a 2.5 yr old. but it's ok. he's ok. i just need to get coffee cause i'm not eating any dark green veggies today for my low iron.
  6. nothing really up with me, I am gonna so go hand a resume in at the store and then I gotta watch my nephew today I don't really want too but apparently my sister thinks what I do isn't important
  7. no i didn't i'm trying to get about 50 post today haha
  8. I've been force to post here by ash. like FORCE she FORCE me to post naw. she just told me to post. she's uncool ahahhahaa jk
  9. I haven't been on a board yet for like that long of time of posting.... I usually post a bit and leave and come back a few days later... but like before 2005 I used to post on them soo much, but now I just like facebook and myspace and those other network site ahha
  10. well I got 7... well this post will be 8 i'm almost to 10 ;D only took me less than 24 hours.
  11. hahaha I still love her. she's amazing!! except her board now is crappy and it's soo annoying how the login is and it just looks sooo like eww. I wish the old board never left I first joined there march 2002 but had to get a new username june 2002. so june 2002 till march/april 2004(the new board was up and the old one was still up both times, so i was posting on both) but I had soo close to 16000 I miss it haha that's the most post i had. then i had over 10,000 on world of britney before (WoB only took me 1.5 yrs to get)
  12. If I ever go to the top 20. It'll be in hundreds of years lol. Unless I post on here as much as I did on the old jessica simpson board in 21 months I had over 15,595 post
  13. Connerz


    thanks for the welcomes Yea. Ash is... something... noone knows yet.. she's like half strange and half something else... we're still trying to figure that one out
  14. Connerz


    I need to remember where the post reply button is ahha love today is good too
  15. Connerz


    Thank yas ok i like the song grace kelly
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