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  1. if i had to have it on my body...id probably say stomach too. then i would lift off my shirt (stomach, obviously) and show my friends. id be like- be jealous! but, i probably wouldnt have it on my body cuz it might wash away. unless its in permanent tattoo form, then id reconsider.
  2. yeah, i was going to say the same thing...i felt special being the only one who knew, i guess i have to let other people know him also. it was fun while it lasted! =]
  3. well, obvioulsy mika has been spreading around our country pretty quickly. i noticed that a lot of people in my grade (and possibly school) know about mika now. if i asked them "do you know who mika is?" a couple of weeks ago they might have said no, but now a lot of people know about him. anyone else notice this?
  4. hi, im maddy, and i lovee mika (well duh, why else would i join MFC??). im from the US, and as soon as my sister, jules1221, showed me his music i was like "hes awesome". lol so im excited to be here!
  5. yeah today i decided not to bring my ipod and i was trying to entertain myself by singing his songs in my head. it worked until i got distracted! lol
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