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  1. haha I'll have to continue drawing just to hope to ever get so good. Really phenomenal. You should be proud. And if you continue to draw and improve I shudder to think what your sketches will look like come just another year.
  2. Well that's it. You disgust me. How can you be so good, woman!? UGH! I can never draw again
  3. Wow. I do believe I have found my new favorite photo!
  4. Speaking of mika quotes, I loooove your quote from the Wiltern artsy! hehe
  5. I stayed up just for Mika only to find out one of my future husbands (Ryan Reynolds) would be on my other future husband's (Conan) show. It was a late night but totally worth it. By the by, I recorded it. I just have to figure out how to put the video on my comp and how to get that cut and onto youtube.... :/
  6. Thanks luvies! The idea only works if it is something you all want so I'm happy you're into it.
  7. Thank you! ^.^ I'm so glad you think so! I just made the thread. We shall see if this idea can go anywhere. I really do hope it will. It could be such great fun!
  8. I think, if anything, it could be a lot of fun for MFCers. We could have affiliates for the Mika Fan Cast (possible name?) at every show. They can report and then we can have our general casters that get together to record the podcasts. We could have MFC updates, talk about whatever is going on in the Mika world, the MFC world, maybe even current events. It just seems like it could be a really fun outlet for MFC. And, after we get into the swing of things, maybe we can actually have little interviews with Mika.
  9. Well I've only done so much research on an actual radio station on either internet and fm. With internet it's a matter of downloading the proper software etc while with fm it's licensing and a mess load of costs and equipment. Podcasts are a good deal easier and can actually be a much more successful. Ever hear of mugglecast or snapecast - yes, I'm an HP loser ? Podcasts are fairly similar to what people do on youtube. You record whatever, yourself talking, playing music, etc. then distribute it online through RSS. You would upload it to itunes, basically, and people subscribe. They don't have to pay for the podcast if you don't want them to and then they simply download every show. I'm still trying to find out about live streaming and the requirements.
  10. I was talking about this in another thread and I got very excited about this idea. We all know how wretched the US radio stations are at giving Meeks the airtime he deserves so I was thinking we could run our own internet radio station and/or podcasts. It would be MFC centric, of course, but we could have US affiliates and whatnot. We can guarantee a place for Mika to be heard.
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