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  1. I am soooo jealous that you got to see him in concert. He's only done a few shows in the US.....but not in my area.... Welcome to the club!!!! Have fun!!!
  2. I am curious as well.... I'm going to watch this thread...
  3. Welcome, Holli!! This is a great community!!!
  4. Oh yeah...I forgot about the blog.... I read your sig....I am jealous!
  5. I'm not really sure....but I know on his website you can join recieve newsletters and updates.....maybe that's it?
  6. Wow, the scrapbook was a great idea...too bad I missed it I would have loved to participate in it. Yiou did an amazing job!
  7. Yes the Fox River Mall is nice.... I also love the Outlets in Oshkosh...they have a Bath&Body Works outlet... I LOVE, I won't shop in the regular store anymore, the outlet is sooooo cheap!!! $20 lotion is $2.99 there!!! Yes small world is correct...brought together by Mika...HAHAHA Infact, Mika should come to WI for a concert followed by some cheese curds!!!!
  8. I love West Bend and Madison!! I am North of there.... in Kaukauna....about 20 minutes South of Green Bay.....
  9. WELCOME!!! I am from the US also!!!!
  10. WOW...you have an AMAZING talent! Beautiful!
  11. Thanks for sharing that!! I just LOVE the close ups!!
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