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  1. Thanks:) Several days after by the time I logged in to check ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Laie_16.gif

    (though I guess it is already the day after in Australia :naughty:)

  3. :lol3: and that's where they belong :teehee::mf_boff::lmfao::fish:
  4. All I can remember is :pinkbow::naughty: and :biggrin2:


    maybe 1 or two other common ones. The rest are lost in the abyss

  5. I like to surprise occasionally :freak::pinkbow: omg I can still remember some of the smileys... :doh:

  6. Wow you were on here. How super dooper rare

  7. At the moment I'm pretty busy assignment wise. But once I get those out of the way, we could organise a meet up with the melb people sometime

  8. Thanks Bec. Hey do you want to drop over some time? Or maybe we can do Southland HA!

  9. Hey


    Sorry about the amf thing


    We had some technical difficulties over the weekend - but I've reactivated you now :wink2:


    Enjoy and enter our competitions

  10. I'll try when I get home :wink2:

  11. You should try to PPR post :wink2:

  12. Merry Christmas to you too :newyear:

  13. Merry Christmas!! :newyear:

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