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  1. Noone wanted to ring reception. We wanted you to. Cue nagging. Cue meme pre memes haha I'm here. May find some pics of something of the glory days
  2. HI Guys, I know it's been awhile. I stopped by as I'm in the process of packing and found my Mika stuff hidden in the cupboard and thought I'd say hi (also I'll probably be selling said Mika stuff as it hasn't seen the light of day in 13 months and I'm moving in with the boyfriend who doesn't like clutter. Given that he will put up with clutter for me, but I am extremely cluttered, I've decided to spring clean my belongings. So DvDs, cookbooks and (bittersweet but only for nostalgia reasons) MIka stuff. Now to decide whether to ebay them or not.
  3. Thanks:) Several days after by the time I logged in to check ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Laie_16.gif

    (though I guess it is already the day after in Australia :naughty:)

  5. Do I want to go to OzComiccon? I'm already planning to go haha. If all goes to plan I should be unveiling an evil Morgana from Merlin cosplay at Ozcomiccon (need to start work on that with the friend who will be doing most of the making soon). But yeah, I go to pretty much all the cons. So yay for hanging out in July. Will Zoe be coming with you?
  6. Popping in. Pretty wedding dress. I love wedding talk. I do pop by occasionally and still lurk but it is pretty much you two. Haven't lurked so much lately. Had a few health issues (nothing to worry about really - they initially thought appendicitis which it wasn't - whatever it was is mostly cleared up but still going through a few tests just to get all clear and because who doesn't like multiple doctor tests.) But yeah, just checking in.
  7. He did The Long Earth as well, which was a collab. There stopped being a shortage a while back, but the course is still mostly government funded - so there are generally a lot of graduates. But mostly it's because its a hard area to get into. Once I do get a full time job I should be right for work for a fair while.
  8. You'd think that, wouldn't you. Meanwhile I can't get a full time job and I'm not the only one. I just want to teach full time. Hey guys just popping in. I do check in occasionally, real life is just busy. Haven't bought the new cd, or heard any of the songs. I know, I'm horrible. Maybe sometime soon I'll get around to listening.
  9. Hey you were the one who insisted on the romantic bamboo beach hut. Hi guys, just checking in. But yeah, Teegs you should consider Asia for honeymoon. There are heaps of romantic places and you can go snorkeling and do so much.
  10. Not until end of June so still time. There's a wooden one on ebay I could get. It's only $40 and looks better than kids ones. But plan to check out costume shops. Kids ones are really small though. And I don't know how to make one. Biance get John to make me one haha. (and paint it Silver). It doesn't need to work, in fact better if it doesn't. But I just need to be able to pose with an arrow notched on it.
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