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  1. I did, and I replied :shun:

  2. *cough*


    Oi, didn't you even see that I'm in the Aussie thread???

  3. Shiny! :das:


    Thinking I might join the Kiwi and Aussie threads when the Aussie thread is full... not that it matters that much, but :dunno:

  4. I'm sure it can be arranged :naughty:

  5. Okies, will do.


    Do I get a new siggie? :das:

  6. I've taken your suggestion and made you rep for Australia and New Zealand. You might want to amend your welcome message in the New Members thread.

  7. Nope... Nothing. That reminds me, should check my mail.

  8. Have you got your badge yet?

  9. *shrugs*


    I'm not even thinking about it TBH. If it comes, it comes.

  10. :sneaky2:


    It's not good enough

  11. Nope, nothing...

  12. I'm assuming you still haven't heard from her?

  13. It's an MFC badge.

  14. What's the prize you haven't received?

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