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  1. thanks! =] ps. totally just followed you on twitter! =]
  2. Hey guys, I havent been on here in months! I just got a new computer, and transferred all my music, including some of the mika covers some of you guys posted! theres one in particular I really like ha, not sure who it is though! well, im welcoming myself back into the forums! hope to talk to more of you very soon! ps, I have been listening to we are golden all day long!
  3. I shot mika in january. I hope me just posting my pictures is okay. I dont have photoshop and Ive only drawn one picture of mika, and its on my other computer. and just for kicks
  4. mmkay thanks. I'm trying to find sheet music thats free but all i can seem to find is grace kelly and love today. I'm freaking out...no pun intended? ahaha sorry
  5. Okay so I have to rewrite a song (already written) in music tech and I cant figure out the chorus for ring ring. does anyone have the sheet music or feel like telling me the notes? I have up to the first ring ring. This is kind of urgent. I have to play it for my teacher on friday.
  6. did they sound good? my cousin just called me to tell me. too bad i dont have actual tv in my room. Someone better you tube it. btw. house is the best...ive watched the episode from season 2 where dr chase kisses that little girl with cancer...its my favorite.
  7. Thanks guys! Do either of you have a good face shot of mika? Like close up with good contrast as well?
  8. anyone from costa rica in here? ahh sorry. The whole toilet thing is really funny. Anyone have any good picture of mika with good contrast for a screenprint stencil? I really need help.
  9. Ahhh pee in cartoon motion. That's great. I wish I had seen them! I get to bring my mika cd into music tech class tomorrow...random sorry. Just thought I'd share
  10. Has this been posted before? Im sorry if it has I'm sorry if this is your picture not taking credit for it or anything
  11. I have 2 photoshop requests... One may be impossible but it's worth a shot. I have a picture with Mika and his eyes are cut out anyway you can like. edit some mika eyes onto the photo? Also, this doesn't have to be photoshop really but I am making another mika stencil for screenprinting this time I want to make an mfc one. I need a picture with good contrast, also something that says "MIKA FAN CLUB" in some cool font or something. If anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know!
  12. Does anyone have it ripped from a video or something? I really want to listen to it and I cant seem to find it anywhere.
  13. I had a photopass for the show last night, I am kind of bummed about how a lot of my pictures came out. The stage was really high and I didnt have a zoom lense. I got a few, I posted them on my website as well as my flickr. I couldnt resist this shot! I have a few more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlycassara and http://www.holdinguphearts.com
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