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  1. hard times video :aah: (ok, i cant find the correct smilie to express the excitement) http://www.nme.com/video?bcpid=1659851007&bclid=1755457108&bctid=24264236001
  2. :roftl: "....your appetite is so dangerrrouuuus!!!" (well, twas just "tasting" tho )
  3. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=patrick+wolf+moscow&aq=f
  4. teh album has leaked 23d, and I was wondering why he was singing all teh new songs on 25th (since he only did vulture, damaris, theseus and couple of others before ) oh, and in teh end he did a little "f-teh industry" speech and said smth like - whatever, download it away (and again - I didnt know about the leakage yet and was wondering what the whole speech meant...) so PLEASE PLEASE - give smth to bandstocks!!!
  5. and I ve fallen in love with "bluebells" after Koko - I always thought twas a beautiful song, but only there I could actually "feel" it...maybe twas the lighting and the whole visual, and the sound buildup towards the end that did it for me, dunno...
  6. you absolutely must!!!! with all teh new "electronic" album one suggests it might sound rather "diluted" onstage - but I think it sounds even more grand live- dunno how to xplain....better go and listen
  7. 2 gigs in 2 months! Koko+moscow-lucky meeeeeeee:naughty: - in Moscow on the 25th - the picture is not mine - but yes, we were that close - 200+ ppl only more on flickr and http://community.livejournal.com/patrickwolf/585867.html#cutid1 +some footage on youtube
  8. oh, and smth even more "vintage" - PW aged 13-14 (stolen from LJ community pg, dont remember the poster, sorry....)
  9. The new PW dates are rumoured to be - St Petersburgh and Moscow on 24th - 25th of April. The "Avant" festival site doesnt put him onto "confirmed" yet, but theres an announcement in the "news" section.... And he has already played in Moscow in 2004 (I wasnt even living in Russia yet, so thats kinda my excuse ) It was a cafe in the movie theatre .... some pics stolen from LJ -http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/_patrick_wolf_/post68798619/ and some - from random reviews...
  10. I have just realized I am soooooo behind the rest of the world anyone seen that? (about 2.15) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ARMUvcjOUQ&feature=channel_page Ive read somewhere later on he was dragged away by police ...cruel ppl! anyways - even it is just a spoof (as it looks to me) - still a nice one..livens up a "typical" xmas whatever...
  11. btw - there were some mash-ups of final fantasy vs relax, if Im not mistaken, so maybe youve seen it on some youtube related links...
  12. KiteKat

    Katy Perry

    - quite a melancholic take one of my most fav Israeli singers (P.S. hes gay, so that does make sence...and he did "The man I love" cover as well...)
  13. actually the news said smth like "PW is playing March dates before having a proper tour in May".... and I am not sure I'd manage to get ticks for the Koko one, and dont think Id have time in May...
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