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  1. Oh God! It's been ages since I last posted here! In fact, I barely posted anything since 2010 probably...but now that university is over, this will change. I wanna get back to you lovely people. And it's pretty much time I did a new Mika drawing! Blimey! It is time. Anyway, I thought this would be the right place to share this, it's one of the portrait drawings I did of our spiritual leader (haha). This is actually a link to my shop where you can not only see the drawing but even buy a framed print of it if you like. Hope you like it lovelies! I'll hopefully be back soon with something very new too! Until then...take care and art on! Link to drawing: http://society6.com/FruzsinaGrande/Mika--Come-with-me-to-the-dark_Print
  2. of course! and I won't remove anything for sure!!! thank you!
  3. oh god! no i couldn't make it. it's a shame, but I'm happy you loved it. I personally prefer their new stuff LOL, but it's mainly becasue in the 90ies i was only a lil girl, and i only got into their music after the big reunion in 2006. Do you mind if I post some of your pictures on Tumblr? There are lots of TT fans ther and I think they'd love them Jason is such a babe, ohmygod:mf_lustslow:
  4. you draw totally the same way as me, you just don't use a tissue to blend the graaphite. brilliant, seriously. and STEP, that wolf is impressive, I've already seen it on tumblr....you insire me to try my hands on drawing animals! I've always wanted to try that! Is it very upsetting? Drawing aaaaallll that hair?
  5. Ez jóó XD Én is Fruzsi vagyok (bár gondolom a Zsinából kitaláltad) és fogalmam sem volt hogy másnak is lehet ez a beceneve. Nekem a 4 éves unokaöcsém ragasztotta rám, a Fruskát így tudta kiejteni...
  6. Fukka? Nemár, én is Fukka vagyok Ööö, Helló
  7. Pencils. There'S some editing on the background though, my scanner's a bi*ch, it screwed up all the colors and contrast so I had to. Thanks! Yes, he's kinda feminine : ) Thank you very much. Actually it looks a lot more dark and kinda scary in real life. Yeah, looking at it now, it's kinda scary. BUt it's much better in real life than on this scan. I hate my scanner. (no wonder it hates me too) Thank you! And...NO WAY! (and I don't think he will ever get this, ha! ) Thank you everyone for being so nice! By the way, I actually got a comment on tumblr saying: "It looks like Draco Malfoy" Haha. Ouch.
  8. textured paper is better if you want to use some water on it! I guess you need to use water with aquarel pencils?! (not sure...I'M not really an expert on coloured pencils but I do recommend textured paper if you will be using some water)
  9. Yes yes yes! (all I can say) aww come on... I admire you guys because I would totally be mental by now if I had to work with printpaper.
  10. Yes. Exactly. I know what you mean. That's the reason I stopped drawing for a while. I have strated it all again only recently. I got fed up with it. It was a bit like copying, you know? I love my Mika drawing too, I still stare at it with so much love. If you asked me which drawing of mine I'm the proudest of I'd say that one. I just put so much of myself in it too. (does that make sense? haha! ) I adore that Rihanna drawing, there was like 100 hours of work in it....but still yeah...it's omehow....dead. And the Angleina one is....badass. You know, it's like... Angelina: it's done with pencils, talent and passion... Rihanna: it's done with pencils talent and patience... I like photorealistic smooth drawings, but with something extra on. Like my PS I love you drawing, it's photorealistic but I added my ideas in it....the letters weren't on the original photo. I'm trying to train myself to do that more.(Like drawing the Pennimans fairies) To get creative and not only just copy a photo. I think the important factor is to put something of you in the drawing. Make it yours. I have some portraits that don't mean a thing to me even though I've worked hard on them. And others mean so much that I could never sell them. Art to me, is the process when you put something out on paper that was originally inside you. Others not necessarily see it, but you do. You look at that drawing and feel again what you felt while doing it. Do I make any sense? (I'm talking to much )
  11. No no no. Printpaper is super-fantastic smooth. That's indeed great about them. You can get really photorealistic effect on them. But they damage so very easily. Like, you grab it accidentally, oryou use the eraser and the whole paper is ****ed up , it creases badly! To understand what I mean: http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/149887/2/istockphoto_149887-creased-paper.jpg Smooth drawing papers differ from printpaper in their thickness. They are much stronger. (lol, did I just say that concerning a piece of paper? ) Anyway, I hope you get what I mean. Drawing papers don't damage easily, they are thick and decent...they were designed for agressive pencil uses.
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