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  1. oh grr i have to go =( i guess i'll talk tomorrow then =( Boo. oh well, cyaaaa <3
  2. Clare lets have a picnic. LMAO. Hi again caz! =)
  3. the feet. scary HAHAHA
  4. the first thing my brain said was "VERY HAIRY MANTRAIL! WOOOO!" lmao.
  5. grr msn is being annoyinggggg. i'm hungry.
  6. Lol no LT was playing im just randomly singing to erase HAHA
  7. geez cazgirl. you're basically me. AHAHAH.
  8. *sings along to erase* baaaaaahhh sho sexy.
  9. Ahhhhhh Mika's On Mtv Right Now!!!!!!!!! Omygeeeeeeeeeeeeee Shhhoooooooo Hot! Sex.
  10. Ziema i like your voice! but the song is random. AHHA
  11. OH WELL AHAHA there goes that suggestion LMAO
  12. grr! Haha well ziema said she used firefox. idk if thatll work, but may as well
  13. aww! it SHOULD work on quicktime, if you have it.
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