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  1. Hey! How are you?

  2. Yeah, just see how things go! Yeah, I am looking farward to studying it and thanks, you're brainy too! I would like to be a trauma doctor, like in A&E. It sounds exciting and interesting!

  3. Shoes. The only cloths id like to design is Mikas! Ah so it must have great to see your parents then. How did your day go?

  4. oh cool, what sort of designer, clothes or buildings? or other?! lol yeah, i stay here all the time, until like christmas and easter and summer. but i could go back if i wanted to at the weekends. it's just such a long way by train though!!! x

  5. my course is about 3 years long, and i could carry on studying if i wanted to after, but i'll see if i'm still up for it!!! lol, aww, medicane can be fun though right? i mean, you seem to be really brainy, and medical people have to be really brainy too!! what tyope of doctor though, kiddy, adult, old? xxx

  6. Haha yeah!! Maths is horrible I really am not good at it. That must have been fun. I want to be a designer always have wanted to ever since I was younger though I did used to want to be a nurse but I dont like hospitals any more!! Do you stay at your collage thing at the weekend?

  7. Aw, thats such a thoughtful thing to want to do! I would love to be able to do something like that! How long will it be until you finish you studies? Yeah it does sound interesting and exciting but a lot of hard work! Yeah I cant wait to leave boarding school and get into a university! My parents have always told me that I was to study medicine when I was older, so I don't know any different! There is other things I wouldn't mind doing but I guess my parents know best!

  8. i have some serious ones, then some funny ones!! serious benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman dean andrews, john simm, marshal lancaster and phillip glenister david tennant alan rickman funny shadow man jafar there are loads more i know there are, but they don't want to be remembered! will post them when i do!! (and yes i know... very warped and mad!) xx
  9. loved up coz i just watched 'princess and the frog' i love the shadow man xx
  10. i want to do conservation work with endangered animals, mainly with my two favourite animals, either the green turtle or the manatee. love them!! wow a doctor! you'd be great! you seem really clever to do that as well... i'm not that bright see, all those maths and sciences!! even though i gota do them in my subject (they are not as full on as for a doctor!) are you looking forward to becoming one? xx

  11. lol, coz that's what the library is for!!!! :roftl: my friend is lovely. maths is a nasty subject too, i usually understand the basics, but then when anything else is added, i feel like giving up!! i am ok i think, had a nice day with my mum and dad who surprised me by turning up this morning :D

    so what do you want to be when you finish all the education and stuff? xx

  12. Yeah, I have classes all day basically! Haha But you get use to it, eventually. My parents would like me to study medicine and be a trauma doctor in the A&E. You? xx

  13. Aww your freind must be nice. The worst thing i strugle with is maths!!!!!!!!!! Its horried!!!!!! Im ok, no not really am at the libary at the moment watching mika concerts, how about you?

  14. wow, long day! and loads of really clever subjects! what would you like to be when you finish all of school and education in the end? xx

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