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  1. Happy 36th Birthday DA, I miss you...

    1. Mikasister


      It was so sad. Poor girl. I remember her so often.A sad lost, so young. :tears:

    2. silver
  2. Miss  you DA :tears:

    Happy 35th B-day.

  3. Hey, someone else I knew from on here told me you'd gone and I kinda forgot to check back to see how stuff went down until now (cus I stopped checking the forums as much just before you went)

    R.I.P. dear

  4. Never forgotten



  5. Happy B-day my dear! :hug:

  6. Happy birthday, I miss you, but I'll see you someday :huglove:

  7. I've been thinking about you, and how we actually had a lot in common, but didn't even know it. You know other than liking Mika, and spending a lot of time in the gasmic thread... But I've found out you like Savage Garden, and Richard Hammond.. And now I wish we had gotten closer in the past, because I knew you to be a person who cared and would want to hear how things are going, and if I was sad I'm sure you would talk to me...

    Well, I'm going to go now, and try to stop crying. Miss you dear, hope you're enjoying it up there in heaven

  8. We never talked very often before, but Karla did and...Yeah. We both miss you.

  9. I miss you so much sweetie :tears:


  10. RIP dear.. happy 28th up there... :tears:

  11. RIP sweetheart :tears: Happy 28th!

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