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  1. M- I- K- A- Can u finish it? Ex: M- Marvelous I- Inspiring K- King A- Awesome
  2. never heard of them do you like.. having family from out of staate live in your house for a week.?
  3. yes.. water r u having fun right now?
  4. i can talk under water do you like to play yes or no?
  5. no i am at school.. im goin to work later tho do u like your job?
  6. thanks.. even though i dont get any private messages
  7. uhh no are you in school right now?
  8. yes.... i do uh... do u laugh a lot?
  9. uh... neither of us have a bf.. but we both love mika!! do you???
  10. i wish... im so hungry.. is it 10:42 where you live??
  11. i have no idea what that is.. sorry i cant answer.. do u love.... uhh.... today?
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