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  1. Heeeeeeyyyyyy just popping in to say I am exciteeeeeddd
  2. He sold it and ran off into the sunset with the money. On the Glasgow topic, flights to Glasgow are waaaay more expensive than to London.
  3. London would be best, I think. Exactly because that is where it all started. 5th of January is pretty soon though.
  4. So what is this madness about no shows in 2017?
  5. I am happy that you and Jolien got in without a problem and that you finally have your picture now! ☺
  6. Ha well it took me 5 years before I got my first picture yet some people have been around for a year and already have a million. Guess we're not pushy enough. I have the magic ability to make him stop at signings most of the time but I don't have the picture ability so you would have to try and ask it yourself. And I am sure it will happen some day!
  7. Well, next time there is a gig in Belgium and I am waiting and he is coming out, stick with me. I will try to let you get a moment with him because I think it's about time you get one.
  8. I think you must have been in front of me then as I was also in the last group to get in. I did feel the people in our group were bonding over this mess XD I don't think this was a matter of favouritism. This was a matter of "Well, ####. We said A and can't do A so we will just do B and say it isn't our fault." People who managed to get in were lucky. They should have handed out wristbands during the day. There should have been better communication between the two parties but I am not blaming Mika for this. It is how it is.
  9. I get that Mika's management made decisions at the last minute that they could not have foreseen. s**t like that happens. But to then just say "Oh, these numbers are not official, sucks for you" that is not good. I am happy that I got to see him in the end as many didn't, but I'm not a fan of how it all turned out. Especially since many people had been queuing in the blazing sun all day and they did say first 100, only to have someone who showed up 5 minutes ago just get a wristband. Now for me it wouldn't be a massive problem if I hadn't seen him. Only a disappointment. But I have met him many times before. But there are people who have never met him and couldn't possibly come early in the morning and they missed their chance and might not be able to see him anytime soon.
  10. It was...messy. I had to work in the morning, so we didn't get there until 13.30 and there was already a long queue. I was number 87, and relieved as on FB they said the first 100 would get in. It was a very hot day and I almost melted in the sun, but the Swatch people were nice and handed out water. The owner of the store kept going down the line but with changing messages. At first it was "I hope everybody gets in" then "the first 100 will definitely get in!" to "He's in a good mood so everybody will be let in but first 100 have priority!" Mika arrived 10 minutes late and first VIPs were let in the store. This took some time. Then suddenly I got messages that they were only letting people in with wristbands and that management decided 60 and no more. I was hella pissed because by this time I could barely stand on my feet anymore. We made it to the front of the queue and they said they were finished and I was even more pissed than before. But then they let a little group of us stand in front of the window to watch. Hurray. Anyway, then the conflicting messages happened again. "No this is it." "No maybe you can still go in." "No you can stand here when he comes out." It started raining and a girl started crying and they finally decided to let our group in. Mika was not particularly happy about this decision but when they said he could just walk down the line and sign things, he was fine with it. At this point I was pissed at maximum levels, but hey, at least we made it in. He only spoke to one or two people before us and just signed and moved on when it came to the rest so I was not having high hopes. He signed my thing and then looked up and seemed genuinely excited to see me and Niko there. He asked me how I was and I said I've been better and he said yeah the weather is bad and I said, well it's not the weather.... He spoke a little bit longer with us and Niko asked if he would please take a photo with the two of us. He had said no to the people before us, so I did not have my hopes up, but he started hesitating for a moment saying he actually couldn't because of the time but he wanted to and said we could take a quick photo and the nice photographer guy said "OH I will take it!" and then Mika said "Yes take a quick one!" This was sweet as he had just simply said no to the others. As I had a feeling that s**t would happen, I had written a letter and asked him if he would take it and he said "Of course I will take your letter! Thank you so much and thank you for coming. I will see you guys soon." And then we left quickly and got to the car when the storm started and it was hell trying to get back. When we arrived in my home town, the road was blocked by flooded roads and a car on fire so it took even longer. All in all, it was not exactly the way I had planned for this to go, but at least we know he still cares about us XD.