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  1. Just a quick correction to be made.. Mika told me that "Karen" will not be on the album.. It might be on the duluxe album or a bonus track but not on the main album. Hope this helps
  2. micafan


    Hi lovely Mika fans! If you didnt know, I am also singer/songwriter from London! I would be so grateful if you checked out my new song! Thank you so much! :wub2:
  3. For those who havent heard my cover of this great Mika song, PLEASE have a listen I will love you forever! and remember to share with your friends Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! So glad to be back on MFC! Ive missed you all I would be so grateful if you listened to my cover of Mika's - Elle Me Dit! http://youtu.be/0bVZ8tFvet4 Love you all so much! Hope you are well :wub2:
  5. If you havent seen it yet, then please do! :wub2: http://youtu.be/0bVZ8tFvet4
  6. I really want to learn French! Thank you so much for your nice comment! :wub2:
  7. haha you know more lyrics than me Thank you so much!
  8. HAHAHA! OMG SAME! out of the whole song i only know "Elle Me Dit"
  9. I know how you feel! I totally made up all the words