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  1. Does anyone know the title of the song? Perhaps someone who was there in the crowd?
  2. Now that I listen back, I think greta is right on this one. It's half past midnight in Japan. G'nite veryone.
  3. Oh, and another possibility; He's living on the road And it's so sad
  4. Hey Blue Sky. Can't go to sleep tonight! I know what you mean about the song being very happy but the words are rather dark. But that's definitely one thing that attracts me to MIKA and I love how he expresses sadness in life/the world with beautiful and happy music. I've been listening to it forever, too.
  5. The part after the chorus sounds like this to me; In this life We live and learn To lose what belongs And get what hurts (Can't hear what he says after this...)
  6. Would love to see him in shock, and then giggle.
  7. I love it! He's so cute and sexy! I'm glad his curls are back, too! (Loved the look with his hair neetly pulled back but MIKA just looks TOO GREAT with his curls!!) Does anyone know the title of the song?
  8. Thank you Blue Sky for choosing WE LOVE MIKA to post valuable MIKA information and to share your love for MIKA! I can't start to tell you how much we truly appreciate it. You know, lots of people who don't post comments ARE reading them for sure. I've had some PMs from mixi WLM members telling me so. It's only been a little over 2 months since MIKA was here in Japan but we want him back in Japan so desperately!! MIKA! Come to Japan!!!!
  9. Blue Sky, it's Jack Bauer of 「24」!! (I don't watch 24 but it is interesting when I see it on TV sometimes.) Thanks MIINA and Blue Sky for those pictures. Everyone at mixi is going crazy over them! A new look for MIKA but how long will it last? Perhaps it was a one night thing?? I think MIKA is a beautiful creature no matter what he wears and how he sets his hair. With his hair pulled back like that, it shows how damn handsome he is!! Can't wait for more recent pics and vids♪ (I DO sleep so good night ladies...)
  10. Hi! あれだけてんこもりでこの値段は安いですよね~! MIKAだから、高くはないだろうって思ってたけど、この値段はうれしいぞ♪ Saemaさん、よろしくお願いします!! I try to be more active on MFC but honestly, there's just TOO MUCH going on here!!!LOL. But I'll make sure to come and check this Japanese Thread more often. またカラオケオフ会も、企画しようかなぁ~
  11. Can't wait to get the DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23 vids and less than 3000yen? He's gone mad! But I love it!!
  12. Hi Blue Sky & Mika Mania, I'm so sorry I didn't notice this for so long!! I've just been very busy and was telling myself to avoid logging onto MFC since once I do, I won't be able to get away...(LOL) Thanks for calling yourselves 日本サポーターs. That's really sweet I think.(*wink) I really do hope that members in Japan will be more active on this forum so we can exchange more info and our love for MIKA♪ なかなかログインできないMaryですが、よろしく~♪
  13. Thanks Miina, He looks so different in every picture I see of him. Doesn't look like it was taken on the same day as the Asahi NP one.
  14. フジロックレポートを書いてくれたmixiのコミュの方の話によると、 >向かって右手側の「女の子」は「男の子」でした。女装ね。 >二丁目に居そうな感じに仕上がっていたので、思わず笑ってしまったのでしょう。 とのこと。フジロックの音源を聞いても、確かに激しく吹き出してますよね~。 MTVが放送したフジロックのMIKAのLOVE TODAY、見ました? 脱いでますね~。お尻、出ちゃいそうで、ヒヤヒヤします・・・(mixiのメンバーがアップしてくれました♪) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pk9r44sano それと、リキッドの映像。(ちょっと前にアップしました♪) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLkxWHt0UM8 PS このトピ、すぐに消えちゃいますが、時々復活させるべく、コメントしていきましょう♪
  15. Too bad you couldn't make it, Haru! Yes, we DID have great fun!! You should definitely come next time.
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