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    im heidi klum in disguise
  1. and if your a teen check out Peta2.com its more for the younger people, they have lots of cool stuff one the site! and you get free stuff if you get points for doing some animal activism
  2. not sure if this has been posted yet but Love Today is used in the trailer for the new movie coming out soon called My Bestfriends Girl. my friend went to the movies then she phoned me and was like OMG I JUST HEARD MIKA ON THIS COMMERCIAL!! trailer: starts at :59 http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqnnLb4c4iY
  3. wow, that is amazing! the magical wonders of facebook....
  4. how do you delte the thinggyy
  5. it weird seeing him on the Models 1 site.. haha i was like EHMAGAWD IT'Z MIKA
  6. Hellloo, im good! Oh lucky! Only 2 weeks left, i have like 2 months left and i have been missing the Canadian thread too, i havent been on MFC to much lately...
  7. yeah! it was soooo good, and Spencer was so funny at the end and he was looking pretty good... haha
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