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  1. lol hiiiiiii happy birthday..im one day older than you its so cool!!! have a great day!!!

  2. Yes I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Thanks for telling me!!
  3. No problem!! lol I'm just telling the truth I'm def. going to check out your lovely artwork. Keep drawing!!
  4. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm on page 604 of Breaking Dawn, and it's SO SHOCKINGLY AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
  5. WOW!!! I cannot believe you drew them! Well...I do, but they are so great!! You have amazing talent hun! I wouldn't be surprised if someday you will draw with Mika and DaWack lol Do you have a place where you keep them all on the internet? I would love to see them! Anyways, great job!!!
  6. Thanks!! Yeah, Cowbella is funny hahah I know, eh??? Ooh la la hot!!! haha Especially the pic of his face close up Thanks! They loved my t-shirt! lol Yeah, Cowbella is so sweet! That's awesome, that she talked to you and wanted to meet your friends When Cowbella came out whe the Mika concert was over in February, she loved my t-shirt. I promised her that if I ever got to one of their concerts, I would make a Creature tee. So I did, they adored it, and I told them I am going to make each a tee of their own. They were all happy!!! and it made me happy too
  7. OMG mauremika, are you drawing those comics by YOURSELF???? They are beautiful and amazing, and totally RAD
  8. Please tell me you like them!!!!
  9. Yes, she did come!!! And it was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Here's the links for my 2 photo albums on facebook!!!! 1st: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=48698&l=14fc0&id=505602455 2nd: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=48699&l=5cd61&id=505602455 Enjoy!! Oh, and here's my favourite one after the concert:
  10. HAhah yeah. I was like, okay Kathleen, do I have to take them away for a little while? lol It's good that you did it thought, and I'm sure that nobody noticed haha I want to hunt down that man!! urrgghh lol jkjk Yeah that would be cool!! But when has Mika really ever felt 'well', right? Like at the Brits, he had broncitis!!! lol hahah that's what I thought! But I love her face, it's so amusing
  11. Oh, and who's the girl in the pic? Her face is so pleasantly surprised ahaha
  12. Yes, I have read a few of the quotes of the day. Not many tho. Are you a member of Twilighters.org? My friend is. She's totally obsessed, and she has read all three books 12 times!! lol WOW!!!! That is sooo cool! It sounds a little creepy, the bare shoulder thing, but I love it!! I think that everyone here would do that to if they had the chance haha! Stage invade! lol That's great. When I went to Toronto to see him, I almost got backstage to meet him, but then the security guard changed his mind And I didn't get an autograph, because Mika wasn't feeling well enough to do it for everyone, so.... But you're so lucky! You got it all-dancing beside Mika, autograph, closeness lol
  13. ...when people walk into your bedroom and say, "whoa", or "do you like Mika or something?" And then they get these looks on their faces:
  14. Making a t-shirt for the Creature concert I'm going to tomorrow night!
  15. Definately! Once I had to look ahead to see when Edward was coming back because I was so anxious and bored of Jacob. When he kissed her in Eclipse, I was like, "what the hell are you doing???". I would've punched him too lol. And I love it when she asks Charlie about where the crowbar is Wow, it would be awesome if he doesn't come back. Have you read the teaser in the back of Eclipse??? I want MORE!!!! I am so jealous you don't even know haha did you get an autograph that night? Or even better, a hug?
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