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  1. I tried to get tickets for the Toronto show at 12:00 today (right when they went on sale) I used the right pass code and it says tickets are not available. Is it possible that the pre sale sold out in 2 minutes? I'm calling tickets master now anyway but i'm on hold... edit: The woman on the phone told me that the pre sale did sell out. WOW! Bummer! I hope I can still get them on the 20th.
  2. Hello!! :-)

  3. boyfriend still has resentment towards him years after you were a lollipop girl... I haven't forgotten this thread!
  4. hola!!!!! me encanto el tema ¿Sabes que eres un fan de Mika cuando ...

    very very good.

    Sabes que es lo mas loco es que si hago la mayor parte de cosas que dicen hay!!!

  5. I send my deepest thoughts, prayers, strength and best wishes to Paloma and the entire family. I wish a speedy and strong recovery to this amazing woman.
  6. I know and it sucks so much. Look, it's taken me a month to respond! The only thing I really have to say about it is "college". But I miss everybody and love to creep on news as much as possible, ha.

  7. haven't seen your face in YONKS. Hope you're doin' good, sistah! x

  8. Hey! How are you? :)

  9. Véro!! Hey!! i saw your status on facebook, and i think this is my first post on here in a looooonnnggg time (i've been super busy but i finish school on the 27th and now i've finished my A.P. exams as of today) but i wanted to wish you good luck!!! i'm so excited there will be an addition to our Lollipop Girl family!! I can't wait to see pictures! She's sure to be gorgeous like her momma! Love Me!!!
  10. Hey Laura! Just dropping a line here (duh :aah:). I was thinking about it today and I just wanted to know if you're still up for doing the Mika Mail thing. I know you're in Europe. If you're coming back to North America, I can wait as long as you need. :)