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  1. I can't make it until doors open. I'm stuck at work today. But I'll try to find everyone after the show! Or say hi to everyone if I still see you mfcers queueing when I get in the area!
  2. so happy I got to see some of you before the show yesterday (brooklyn)!!! I wasn't feeling well after the show ended, so I couldnt stay after to say hello to more of you. But I will be at webster hall tonight!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!!!!
  3. So excited to see everyone tonight!!!!!! What time is everyone getting there????
  4. Deb! I bought it off itunes on my phone. I havent gotten the email yet. I also set about a million alerts on my phone reminding myself to buy the tickets tomorrow! Im freaking out at work right now
  5. I bought the album.....buttttt didnt see any codes? How do I get tickets?!!
  6. Goodness! Based on the angle if ZQ's shot, he was standing next to/near me on the railings. I need to look around my surroundings more! I was too focused on mika! Haha
  7. whatttt Zachary Quinto was there??!! I wish I saw him! But I probably wouldnt have noticed, given the mika-daze:mikadas:
  8. It was such a fun gig! Mika's jokes and quips were adorable! It was great to say hi to you guys afterwards! Sorry I had to leave early, the bf was getting cranky. note to self: only go to mika concerts with mfcers. But all in all, it was a great gig and I already miss mika!
  9. Max & Curtis just whizzed past me. Looks like they're a bit late haha!
  10. Yay! the bf and I are coming late too... we're just going to hang out in the back where the bar would be and take it easy. I'll find you and mfc afterwards though!
  11. eek! disposable ponchos are a must! Good luck and have fun queuing tomorrow everyone! see you after the gig!
  12. OMG this sounds so great. It reminds me of the old mika concerts I've been to when I was still capable of forming words around mika. Now I just start stuttering and twitching awkwardly. Like on Tuesday at lepoissonrouge, I was so surprised when he shook my hand that I did an awkward head-nod thing. EMBARRASSING. I need to work on this. But thanks so much for sharing your night! It just makes me so happy to know that he's still so friendly and down-to-earth! I just get so intimidated and fangirl-ish that I turn into a goof. haha
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