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    Confirmation of the Festival SWU (stars with you) in October 2010, Itu, São Paulo city, Brazil.

    We fans of Brazil currently send messages, videos, photos, news about Mika to the organizers, who are still in contact with the artists. We have already started or site http://www.swu.com.br or twitter @Eduardo_Fischer (entrepreneur) and @swubrasil.

    C'mon guys! Maybe later this year we will see Mika in Brazil for the first time !!!!"


    We collaborate a lot.

    Sustainability is the new world order, this project is well organized, with intense publicity through the media, combines music and art, so has everything Mika gives us, finally, I think this festival is going to happen in Brazil.


    To learn more about this Festival, which was created in the international standards, with three days of events (9th, 10th and 11st October 2010) go to:



    Thanks a lot


  2. haha thanks for the kudos.. Well I am glad it is all over! I hope to see all of you very soon! Aurélien
  3. We all make mistakes. Some are just more "public" than others. I apologized and I don't see what more I can do, other than say how sorry I am to have caused pain and fright to people. There is no need to be mean, or to send threats to my life by private messaging, as you have. Aurélien
  4. I never posted anything on the Wikipedia page. I sincerely have no idea who did that. I know it was ridiculous on my part to do this and I feel really bad now. Once again, my sincerest apologies.
  5. Hey guys, Oh my, this has taken such huge proportions! First of all, I apologize to everyone here, and to everybody who was frightened. Let me explain, I was chatting with a friend and I just noticed some comments on facebook of people being worried about Mika so, and purely as a joke, I posted a fake disclaimer stating Mika had died. I thought everybody would get that it was a joke. Reading it now, I realize it was very stupid, insensitive and of very poor taste and I regret it. I never did it with the intention to hurt anyone or anybody's feelings. I know many of you on here and many of you are friends and I am sorry for all this. I never ever thought it would take on such huge proportions. Once again, I never meant to hurt anyone, it was just a joke with a friend and I apologize to each and every single one of you. Aurélien
  6. Oh-Oh. Has it already started?

  7. I reckon I'll get there around 12 c u all there u lovely people:mf_lustslow:
  8. I'm coming in from Clarkson GO. You can get off at Union and then get a bus. I am going to walk it as I ove walking but with two monsters, the bus is your best bet. Or just get a cab, its like a 10min drive.
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