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  1. Jealousssss, I'm waiting (somewhat) patiently for the international dates to be announced
  2. His name is Myles Kennedy and I agree with you he's gorgeous This was a brilliant weekend! I'm way too tired to do anything else now so I'll just write a ridiculously detailed report. I went to Ingie's on Saturday, Bubbles was supposed to arrive around midnight but in the end it was more like 2am so we decided to waste time by watching Eurovision then when our bitch Bubbles FINALLY arrived we still didn't get to sleep because he did Lady Gaga impersonations like all night and also he had forgotten to bring a bed so we had to share a tiny single mattress in the end we slept for about 2 hours before it was time to get up for our extensive make-up routines (lol) it took us hours and involved enough glitter and hairspray to kill someone but hey, it's worth it in the end right? It wasn't that far a drive to Landgraaf, a bit over an hour I guess, but when we had parked the car we had to walk for like 45 minutes in the pouring rain to get to the entrance... oh well let's not focus on complaining about the weather We went pretty much straight to the 3fm stage, there weren't a lot of people yet so we were like 3rd row which was more then fine by me. First artist that was on was an English guy called John Allen (I think?) I really quite liked him, he played some nice mellow songs with acoustic guitar and he was very charming and funny. I'd never heard of him before but yeah, he was great. The waits between the gigs were quite long so I was happy I was with Ingie and Bubbles so at least we could entertain eachother/ourselves. Next on was Kate Nash OMG worst gig I EVER SAW IN MY LIFE she was absolutely terrible, she just CAN NOT sing and her songs are crap and she's all 'look at me in my ugly weird dress aren't I arty and interesting??' HORRIBLE I don't know how I survived. After that Slash who I thought was amazing! Srsly who needs Axl Rose when you've got Myles Kennedy? And Slash is just SLASH I mean, such a legend, his playing is just out of this world. I wanted to play airguitar to Sweet Child and Paradise City but I needed both my hands to hold onto Bubbles so no one would push me away I have to add that the pushing before, during and after Slash was horrible and some people (not MFCers or even Mika-fans) were complete and utter ****ers and talked **** about us constantly which they thought we couldn't understand (we were speaking English bc Bubbles is German which apparently made them think none of us were Dutch) but whatever they were just random idiots. Then MIKA He was really amazing, I loved how without all the theatre stuff there's just an amazing singer with an amazing band playing amazing songs! I love the whole show with all the probs and stuff but the music is strong enough to survive without it so to say. I was glad I was in front of Jimmy and Imma bc they are so much fun to watch! So yes, great show as always. I really really wanted to get out of the crowd after that to get some food and drinks and to SIT DOWN for a bit so we did (we had found Nielo in the mean time so she came with us) oh maaaan I don't think coke and pizza have ever tasted that good before We watched Pink from the back, she was amazing, I never actually knew too much about her, just that I quite like her songs and that she's a bad-ass bitch but wooo what a show! Her band is awesome and she has a great voice, I really enjoyed it. We managed to find Jazzy who was also going to stay at Ingie's and decided to go home before everyone was going to leave after The Prodigy (honestly why does everyone like them, they're terrible, face it) The walk back to the car didn't seem as horrible on the way back even though we were all completely knackered. We must have woken up all of Landgraaf and surroundings by singing along to Mika and Adam Lambert songs really loud Anyway, this was a brilliant weekend
  3. I'm not sure about the dates exactly but somewhere in the 2nd and 3rd week of August I'll be back in Geordieland :D

  4. oi!


    when you over in August?

  5. I once made it my new years resolution to watch all of Johnny Depp's films I still haven't seen all of them though, but I guess certainly about 80%
  6. I do agree that I would looooove to see him do more rock stuff, but I also like that he's doing all kinds of different music now... never good to limit yourself!
  7. Actually this is not true... he did (co)write a couple of songs from his album, if I remember correctly at least Broken Open and Down the rabbithole and I think also If I had you? And to be honest I don't think he sounds 'average' at all, I do see what you mean but honestly there aren't a lot of male singers doing what he does, especially not with a voice like his!
  8. Aaah so many videos, I'm going to watch all of that as a reward after I've finished studying for my exam
  9. The bonustracks are quite cool, I loooove Down the rabbithole! Adam really kind of makes me feel like Mika did 3 years ago
  10. Ooh thanks for posting those videos, I hadn't seen any of these interviews yet even if virtual Adam-stalking is my favourite way of procrastinating lately. The women who splits her trousers is hilarious lol and that one with Justin Bieber is funny too (I hate Justin Bieber but I must admit he is kind of funny here) ^ Music Again is probably my favourite Adam song, written by the absolute legend Justin Hawkins
  11. Aaah I'm jealous! Well, last weekend was the Mika gig in Amsterdam and all we listened to in the car driving everywhere was Adam, and during the queueing we put Adam-makeup on Bubbles and started calling him Adam all day And the next day we watched him on Jonathan Ross, and we convinced Freddie to buy his album
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