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  1. i want to participate!!! what can i do??? but i'm from mexico, can i do it from here??
  2. thankk youu sooooo soo very much, maybe i'll get crazy and go to europe for a shoow!! LOL
  3. you know you're a mika fan when you dream about him comming to your city (wich is actually like a lost & little town near to cancun, mexico) and he's talking with you in such a perfect spanish... and when you wake up, even knowing that is was only a dream, you feel like you were 10 and it makes your week or your month happy!!!!!!
  4. hi everybody!!! i'm from mexico and i want to know if there is any official fan club in america or even better in mexico!!!! pleaaase i also want to know if he is planning any tour in america, i really want to go to a concert, cause' as all of you, i love mika and every song of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you could help me i would be thankfull foreveeer!!! mika rooockkks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. LOLLLL ekiisss!!! mientras menos seamos mas mika para nosotros!!! LOL ademas somos los unicos cool que sabemos que rollo!!! jajajaja
  6. yeeeeeeeeeee hola a todos!!! muchas gracias por la bienvenida!! son los mejores!! estamos en contacto por aqui!! ojala que todos los mexicans entren y podamos intercambiar info!!!!! yeeii!! hey everybody!! thank you for making me feeling so welcome!! it feels so goood!! i feel like home!!! LOL you guys are the best!! we keep in touch!! its good to meet people as crazy as am i!! i already love you all!!! LOL
  7. help! how do i change it!! im sooo dumb!! LOL
  8. why am i a mika groupie??? hahahaa when did that change?? oh my god! it's sooo fun!! yeeeeiii LOL
  9. i knoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i need to meet him, sorry guys but he's gonna fall in love with me LOL
  10. yeaaah!! i knoow is the best!! i think you can really know him trough this interview!! im 23 =)
  11. god! he's so funny!! he's kinda goofy, i just wanna hug him forever and be his slave, i mean it, i'll do anything for him!! i'm so happy in here!! anybody in the real world understands that i realllyyyy love this guy!! he's my prince charming! LOLLL
  12. i wanna show you something, there's this show at mexico called "hijas de la madre tierra" ("daughters of mother earth") this girls are really famous in here!! i can't believe he was here!!!!
  13. hey again!!! my computer is also getting crazy!! restarting over and over again, what did i miss??? LOL
  14. help me im gettin crazy about him!! LOL