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  1. I have a spare ticket for Düsseldorf, pm me if you are interested!
  2. I don't know who his goddaughter is, but I do know that he killed her tamagotchi
  3. Oh yes of course I do! And Mika took one of the bras and put it over the security men's head
  4. Thank you Mika for that wonderful night one year ago! :sigh: "Someone should give me some clothes... I have a cold "
  5. Yes it does, but maybe someone else can translate it... It says that Mika looks like a boy having a cold who isn't allowed to go to a children's birthday party
  6. I forgot he link : http://sz-magazin2.sueddeutsche.de/ssjn_mika1.htm
  7. An interview with the singer in which he doesn’t say anything but reveals everything http://sz-magazin.sueddeutsche.de/texte/anzeigen/4314 1. We’ve heard that you hadn't spoken for some weeks when you were a child. 2. Very good, finally we have a pro! In a song you sing “Big Girl, You Are Beautiful”. Do you really like big women? 3. What about big men? 4. In which position can you sleep best? 5. How does your hair look like when you wake up? 6. Everybody compares you to Freddie Mercury again and again. Make a Freddie for us, please! 7. Okay, we’ve understood. Next question: Did you replace Robbie Williams as the (only) big popstar in England? 8. Give us an advice, please: What should we do when listening to your music? 9. Whats the best thing about being famous? Pics were taken in Munich, I think before his last concert there.
  8. No, it's an old picture.
  9. Thanks for the translation cubitus. But was that really a new interview? Or did the newspaper just translate an old english interview? At least the thing with the lady in the bus sounds familiar to me...
  10. You don't need to ask him anymore, I've just found it! http://www.albaladonline.com/index.php?date=2008-01-05 Page 21. Are there any interesting news? What does the article say? My arabic isn't good enough to understand everything
  11. Yes, please scan it! Which newspaper was it?
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