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  1. Eek, Hugh is homeless! A delivery was attempted for your item with reference RJ********GB in SWEDEN before 12:01 on 11/01/10. A card may have been left, depending on the country's postal service. If undelivered, it will be returned to the UK. I hope he's redelivered! (That and it cost me a fortune to post there... and I can't really afford to do that again before pay day at the end of the month!!)
  2. He was sent yesterday morning. :-) Signed for delivery, so hopefully he'll get there safely in a few days! I wish I was joining him, Sweden is my favourite place to go on Holiday.
  3. Getting ready to put Hugh back in that nasty box. I feel really bad though, cause I haven't had a chance to take him out properly. We went for a meal today, but I didn't get out and about like I had planned. I'm going to have to apologise to him lots and lots that his trip to me sucked! Still, he had a bit of a rest here after his huge adventure in Australia! :-P Was just unfortunate timing, busy busy busy in work and with family over the Christmas/New Year Ok he might not be leaving tomorrow... I messaged the next person Hugh is set to visit, but yet to hear anything. I have to go to bed now-and I won't get online until after work tomorrow night! Once I have the address of the person he's going on to, I'll post him on. :-) Edited to say, still waiting on an address to send Hugh on to, if I don't hear from the next recipient within the next day or two... can I post him on to the next one on in the list and perhaps they post on to Sweden? So I don't have him stuck here in a box for days on end! I'm back at work now, so I can't get out and do anything with him. :-(
  4. Hugh had his mince pie earlier! Just 5 minutes of 2009 to go... and Hugh is here ready to count down to 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!! Hugh at Midnight! January 1st, TWO THOUSAND and BLINKING TEN!!!! Just a lil' note to say, I know he's been here 2 days already, but the post is now down until Monday-and on Monday I am having 'Christmas' with my nephews and nieces who weren't here for actual Christmas day, so I will post him on, on the 5th... I know it's been a terribly long time... blinkin' Christmas post delaying him-and then New Years... just in case you were worried... it's totally out of my hands-and I can't get to the post office on Monday! Sorry folks *bad Manda!*
  5. Guess who arrived this morning? He was stuck here on his own today, I had to work and I couldn't take him with me. *sorry Hugh!* Tomorrow he gets his very own mince pie, which I saved just for him! And on the 4th, I get another little 'Christmas' with my nephews and nieces, so Hugh will get some sort of a Christmas after all!
  6. Not turned up yet, but last posting date from the UK to Australia for Christmas was on the 4th, so he might take a little while longer... hopefully not tooo much longer though!
  7. I've been in supermarkets and heard Mika before. But, the one that is most memorable for me-is the first time I ever heard him. I was on the coach back from London. Just left Victoria coach station and I heard this song playing on the coach radio-'Grace Kelly'. I googled some of the lyrics when I got back home to find out who it was! That was December '06!
  8. He actually presented on Radio One during the Radio 1's Big Weekend, it was pretty good.
  9. Hehe, how random! I went to see a show at the Plymouth Pavilions last night-and this is now on their wall outside Mika! I was bowing down to the picture hehe!
  10. Hi all, Hope everyone is well? I'm screwed. I gave up altogether for 2 weeks.... and I've put on nearly half a stone! I don't know why I do it to myself, but I just couldn't continue trying and not getting anywhere. (I've been on this diet since January 06 and since April 07 I've hardly shifted any weight! ) But from tomorrow, I'm cutting out the rubbish again-I can do it but still-I hate myself for putting on so much!
  11. The Hoosiers are AMAZING! And they're playing near me on the 14th of March but I have no holidays left. Grrgrr!!
  12. I thought it was fake-like a woman's voice put on the video, but I looked at live performances from him... ! I love the 'Delays', Greg the lead singer has a high voice also. I also like Savage Garden/Darren Hayes... so I think guys with high voices are my bag baby!
  13. Oh that's brilliant! Your dad is a legend!
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