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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. First and second day of school.. Great! Three VERY close friends in my class but the rest of the pupils aren't so close, I don't talk to them much... And we only have 6 guys in our class! But... we do have a pretty hot science teacher:naughty: And the best art teacher ever! She's so sweet and creative.
  3. School's easy for me, I'm only 13 and the teachers love me:naughty: well, not all of them.. hehe
  4. My school starts in about 13 hours... Honestly, I'm starting to feel excited to see all my friends and find out who my teachers'll be and stuff.
  5. Yeah I get what you mean. It happens to everyone but I'm sure you'll get used to it. It happened to me before every big oral thingy where you have to be in front of the class. but only with one teacher cause she was so mean. School.. uh oh.. it's almost 4:00 over here, I think I should go to bed, haha. Good Night!
  6. Yeah, that's hard for everyone. Whenever I'm in a presentation and I mess up I make fun of myself so ppl wouldn't laugh AT me, they'll laugh WITH me! But then I need to throw in a dorky moment so the teacher doesn't give me a bad grade:naughty:
  7. I never really get embarrassed when I act like a dork. I think I should! BTW is there a "embarrassing moments" thread? Sorry, I know I'm so off topic but I was just wondering..? It would be cool to have one though. EDIT: There is a thread about that! Woo hoo! Sorry guys.
  8. No. I really don't wanna be with ppl I hate.. or people who don't wanna work and waste time in class... I'm very dorky sometimes:naughty:
  9. I have a question for all of you.. Do you know who your classmates are before school starts?
  10. Me neither... I wanna take singing classes with a Russian teacher so I could skip school.
  11. I'm excited but only for the first day cause it's always fun and I get to find out if some of my close friends are in my class but I'm not excited for what's after the first day:bleh: My bday wasn't bad.. I just spent it with a few girlfriends. I always try to think positive when I'm sick of school. Like I tell stories to my friend in class or forget to put my phone on silent just to listen to my ringtone (lollipop:bleh:) during an exam. It's a bit kiddish but it's fun in a way. Or that's just me.. EDIT: Fine, I do that all the time. It doesn't really make school interesting. I was just trying to be helpful.
  12. Hey! In half an hour I could say: "School starts 2morrow". Yuck! It's horrible. But it was my birthday yesterday so everyone will be telling me Happy Birthday and asking me how it was:naughty: Muahaha. But good luck to you guys:wink2:
  13. Wow, you must have had a great time! BTW Mika had fireworks at the end of his concert in Lebanon. But I don't want to ruin this thread by talking about Mika:bleh:
  14. Hey!! I like the Jonas Brothers a lot too:) Joe's my favourite.
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