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  1. Weird, because I didn't receive anything... But that's ok. Congrats Bia
  2. Você que entende bem inglês que nos diga você ouviu a entrevista? ele diz essa palavra alguma hora na entrevista?
  3. it was about that that I was talking about i love Mika in casual clothes
  4. Even too old, don't you think? I'm the only one who thinks this way? You're young Mika, enjoy that! k?
  5. Fiquei 1 semana esperando o homi dar sinal de vida no Twitter e agora tô assim
  6. I didn't particularly liked his hairstyle, the suit, and the shoes. I prefer a more casual Mika with a happy face just me, I guess? not a problem anyway ...
  7. Heya! Here in Brazil we drink the water straight from the coconut. Though the collateral effect doesn't affect everybody.
  8. mai, mai, mai .... e depois o cara foi atras dele e ele ainda não disse nada?
  9. Andy, fiquei doente semana passada e ainda nem vi seu vídeo, mas vou ver alguém que viu o programa da bbc2 pode me explicar melhor essa história do cara no quarto do hotel? o mika viu o cara lá e não disse nada pra ele?
  10. It's not because a site says, that it's true. I think if he had bought another house, it would be more logical one in LA or France. Don't you think?
  11. Imagina querida, obrigada! :huglove:

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