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  1. sooo the blogger position went to Kittie. I had received many applications but Kitties one just stood out with an excellent sample and she's also studying Journalism in university, so y'all had a tough competitor! If there is enough demand here I will create other positions to add Mika stuff to the site as well.
  2. Got your application. I'll choose someone by the end of this week
  3. Thank you kindly for your application! I will let this thread run for a couple of days and then let you guys know what happends. I liked your samples btw.
  4. Hey folks. I'm busy with starting up a new entertainment site, the idea is that content is provided by fans, for fans I'm looking for someone who is an active Mika Fan, who is interested in posting Mika news and pictures on his/her own blog. For more info, just check out this page: http://www.celebritybloggers.net/content/bloggers-application-form3.html If you want to blog for another celeb you can also fill in the form but the ones in the left column of the site are already taken I'm sure Mika blog will be run by someone from this great community, so many fans here! btw, if someone has a good idea for the site, please post it here in this thread. Im thinking about stuff like making wallpapers and music on available on the site, or maybe setting up graphics contests. thanks for reading through this
  5. nice work, number 5 is the funniest ^^
  6. nice dude. small world I guess
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