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    Mika's back up singer Mom4Mika's daughter oh so cool (hard work ;)

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  1. Hey! I've been good! How are you?

  2. hey! i was just seeing how you have been! it has been a long time since we have talked!

  3. Happy birthday :)

  4. What is the NJASK? :o

    sorry i havent responded in a while >_

  5. That's good, me too, school is crazy!!!! the NJASK is coming up :(((( how are your cats?? lol

  6. I am exhausted.. but amazing! lol.

    been super busy with school, swim, golf and church. but everything is going well :)

  7. heyyy lol, i'm good! how are you????

  8. heyy! how have you been, we haven't talked in like..forever! hahaha. how are things?

  9. Haha xD Cool !

  10. lol of course, that's cool i've been to i think 4 mika gigs and met him 3 times, he's a sweetie

  11. Yeah xD i can't wait !! And thanks.. I have been to 2 mika gigs and met him twice

  12. oh my gosh!!!!!!! have a great time, and happy late birthday! have you been to any Mika concerts????

  13. London xD I got the tickets for my birthday :D

  14. that's awesome!!!!! where are you seeing him

  15. Haha xD i'm the only beatle fan in my familiy xD i'm going to see Paul McCartney on june 27th!!

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