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  1. P.S. Here's the link just in case you didn't see the one I posted (I wasn't sure exactly where to post it actually...) -

  2. Hi there Kodes100!

    I just posted a link on the forum - it's another little video I made (I'm the one who made the BIOTG/Nicholas Brothers video). This one's to DR JOHN (I LOVE THAT SONG!) that I combined with scenes from Adam Elliot's MARY AND MAX (I LOVE THAT FILM!). I thought you might really like that film too - I hope you see it if you haven't seen it already!!! I think Adam is huuuuugely talented!!! I also love his short films - tonight I realized that many if not all of them are available on YouTube... It was a joy to combine two of my favorite talents and play with their words, images and music...

    Wishing you all the best,


  3. I have been wanting to come here for so long and ask you:




    And now some of my friends who used to talk to you, too are wondering the same...


    I know you ain't dead coz i see your comments on YT...


    So, WTH happened to Kodes??????????

  4. Hello Kodes, how are you?

    It has been a moment since we saw you here, I hope that everything is well for you

  5. :roftl::roftl: OMG! As much as I don't want to admit it. I think you might be right. I disliked this thread so much the first five pages or so. Then something silly inspired, attacked, hit me & the rest is history. :roftl:
  6. Oh Wow! These photos are full of juicy gossip material. Look at the body language.:thumb_yello:
  7. Thank you Dark Angel! This photo is perfect. There is our new couple rumour if we want one. :roftl:
  8. Dark Angel do you have the photo of Mika & Lady GaGa in his doorway handy? I don't want to you to have to spend time looking for it but I was wondering if you have it? Thanks.
  9. The end?? Hmmm? What about Mika's old girlfriend Lady GaGa?? Mika might like her better now that she has sworn herself to celibacy? :roftl:
  10. :roftl::roftl: Dark Angel thanks for the Mika "vulnerable" photo where he has his finger in his mouth in the other thread. That photo is beautiful though it almost invokes a sadness.
  11. Thanks for the opportunity to view all the photos. My favourites are the ones with the dragon head in them & Mika & Ida during their duet. Thank you very much.
  12. Great photos Funkycowgirl! Honeymoon???? Is that you standing beside Mika with his arm around you in the donkey head? You two are pretty sly.
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