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  1. willywonka


    I'm still in shock! David was my second bf here right after Rosie I've been in tears ever since I've found it out yesterday RIP old friend We'll meet again Dave
  2. Nope Not wanting mika for myself Never did Never stepped over others to get front row either Not wanting his damn ugly watch either I was just trying to warn people (im not allowed to say foreigners anymore might someone get offense) that it was too hot and its a dangerous zone In fact it was my last gig Im done with it
  3. Ok ok i got it Ill be there around 5 Try to meet yall Are you trying frint row? Bad ideia as all queeniacs will punch youbin the face for a spot And itll be around 80,000 people Also those who are thinking of going early dont Its a total massacre at the entrance and itll be 30 c To hot to be stepped on by hundreds of people Also the zone is very dangerous Dont go there alone specially at night Even during the day there have been bulglary so watch out
  4. willywonka

    Thread Português - PARTE DEZ!

    Hello? Hello? Hello? Is there anyone at home?
  5. Not so well yhese days im flaring up for chrons and i killed my pc 2 years ago and got an iphone which is a beyotch to check on here today i grabbed my eldest pc so im mainly on fb following anne and eriko and all the mfcrs and mika too hows yous silver? i missed u guys
  6. It's so hard ti deal with this new format on my phone now!
  7. willywonka

    MFC: Where Are You?!

    If I at least remembered how to do it lol
  8. willywonka

    New Signature Size Rules

    Domo arigato dearest
  9. willywonka

    New Signature Size Rules

    Hi guys Guess my old siggie is too big can u fix it please or should i try?
  10. willywonka

    Thread Português - PARTE DEZ!

    Pessoal onde andam bocezes????
  11. Thank you guys for keeping up with the thread while i was gone!