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  1. :roftl:Just a little? I can relate. Those men are amazing. I can't wait to hear about it too. Those are great pictures!
  2. Hi there Hay there Hoe there! :naughty:

  3. Holly! I'm awesome. How are YOU? Going to e-mail you later. Gotta get ready to leave; going to Sawgrass Mall:boing:.
  4. me too you're going to have the best time ever. 2 days to go - are you having trouble sleeping yet?
  5. I'm sad that he's leaving too. I just started watching Dr. Who a couple of months ago and was instantly hooked mainly because of the great personality David Tennant gives the character.
  6. when I got home last night, I kept thinking "omg, I have to tell Alex that operation love eyes was a success." But then I went to sleep instead. I do have a couple of pictures but they're on my friend's phone at the moment. Was having some serious camera issues last night; thank God for her phone. How could you think Donnie is gay?! I think he likes the ladies a little too much actually. I don't know what it is, but he has this way of talking that makes a girl feel a little lightheaded.
  7. I gotta say I'm one big emotional mess today. Last night was the most amazing concert of my life. I was sitting front row. Donnie pointed me out and during the whole concert he kept looking directly at me(actually holding my gaze long enough that I started turning red). He was smiling at me and blew kisses at me four times throughout the two hours. Then there was Joey who was making eye contact with me during "Stay the Same". He looked at me again during "Hangin' Tough" and just gave me this huge smile. I thought I was going to die.
  8. Ooohhhhh O N L Y 13 more days until Rufus!!! :wub2:

    How you been? :huglove:

  9. Hola :huglove:


    How many more days 'til Rufus??

  10. And Charles Manson has spent a great deal of time in jail as well. So...
  11. I totally agree!!!! I LOVE it... I have been talking to people on a personal level that have been here for a year- and I never talked to before! So, it really is a great thing!!! It just brought the MFC even closer! And I never thought that could happen!


    Lissa 12 DAYS....

    I can't beleive it!!!!!!!!! :yay:

  12. My favorite episode of the season so far. House and Wilson are the best together.
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