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  1. Do we know what time he is performing??
  2. I really hope they arent together, i couldnt bare to see him with someone else I love him lots xxx:mf_lustslow:
  3. hey this is really goood must of took you some time like but well done, erm just a quick question tho your most deffo right but i got told his mum was called mary most prob be bull **** but was just wounderin lol wb plz?? xxxx
  4. thanks for the warm welcome guys, means alot Mika rocks, i love him millions and my fellow mika fans 2 xxxx
  5. Hyaa im new here just a little message to say hi i herd of mika when gracekelly came on telly then i went to radio 1's big weekend and from them on i get more obsessed each day Lmaoo. xxxx
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