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  1. Thanks guys! <3 I love all the smilies!
  2. Thanks guys! I love MIKA! I wish he'd get radio time here in the US!
  3. im good how are you?

  4. I'll put the rest up soon, but here are some of the pics i took! i was soooo close!!!
  5. Ok, i'll try and upload them now! I was so happy to have been so close! my friend and I dressed up I wore a gold dress!
  6. I will try and post my pics from the show! I'm glad you all had an AMAZING time as well! I was down in front, what about you guys? I loved the part when he divided the crowd, 1 side singing "Blame it on the girls" and the other side "Blame it on the boys!"
  7. Thanks! Yeah, the Oakland concert was so fun. I went with my 2 best friends!
  8. hello! how are you?

  9. Hey fellow MIKA fans! I started my accound a while back, but just started using it recently. I just want to say that i LOOOOVVVE MIKA! I saw him in Oakland on the 24th, and it was the best concert of my life. He is right up there with MJ for the best entertainer of all time!
  10. The man has the sexiest voice of all time. Every word he says is an orgasm to my ears.
  11. I WAS THERE! BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like 10 feet away from him in the crowd! I just felt so bad! He was limping, but still managed to dance for us! The theatre was definitely sold out. PACKED! He almost cried during We Are Golden, he was so happy! LOVE HIM!
  12. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!! The crowd was sooo into it! It was truly amazing. It looked like he was going to cry during We Are Golden, he was so happy! Was anyone else there?
  13. I should! the man is so gorgeous! The more Mika, the better!