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  1. this is roy, im round katies getting pissed and your working :biggrin2:

  2. ssseeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx












  3. we going mika february yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    bring on mika, me you kate and yve ......

  4. hahaha co*k sucker what a nob!!! yeahh like we was going back to theres :blink::sneaky2:


    ok sexy talk to you in the moring or give me a txt. im off 2 now im feeling abit ill :shocked:


    night night :wub2:

  5. :sneaky2: na i avoided it for a couple of days :thumb_yello:


    :freak: i have ben in since tho and luckily havent seen him yet :bash:


    :eek: he was horrible & so was his mate, glad i aint seen him cos you know what my mouth is like when i get going :taz::toot::toot:


    :sleep_1: me going bed now to conserve my energy for saturday

  6. oh god hope his not :puking: again :naughty:


    :shocked: roys got to work sunday moring :shocked::naughty: OMFG good luck roy :naughty:


    yeah let me know if the dress turns up :thumb_yello: oh yve how did it go monday 'going cafe' :naughty: did that wan*er say anything :teehee:


  7. :teehee: so do i :naughty:


    :das: its gonna be a great night :clap:


    :tongue2: shame roys gotta be in work sunday morning cos its gonna be one to remember :puking: :puking: :lol3:


    :eek: keep everything crossed for me that it turns up :yay:



  8. :clap: yyeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh really hope it turns up. sounds lovely :das:




    wwoooooo bring on saturday rocking to the 80s :partytime2:





    we are going to be sssoooooooo ill sunday :kachinga::groovy::mf_boff:














  9. :teehee:its black, with kinda crossover top:yikes::eek:a bit longer than you would normally wear im afraid :mfr_lol: but looks good on :boing::boing:


    dnt say anything in case it dont turn up and i end up in my jeans again :rolls_eyes:


    have to wait and see for more info :das::naughty:



  10. :das: yeah we all know roys the real fan :das:


    :shocked: u :shocked: u :shocked: u wearing a dress :shocked:


    whats it like :mf_lustslow:


    mmmm roys lucky night

  11. hehehe oh well let him:biggrin2:


    can you believe im wearing a dress too if it turns up in time, dont tell roy tho i want it to be a surprise:wink2::wink2::naughty:


    i ordered it from the internet its supposed to be delivered to me mum 2moz so fingers crossed:yikes:


    roys just jealous the you f*cked mika b4 he got a chance to :licks_lips::lol3::das::das:

  12. :roftl::roftl: roys going to tell everyone saturday :roftl: its ok with me coz everone know me and mika have f*cked :mf_rosetinted::roftl:


    yeah thats how ive been feeling :aah: but the beer will make me feel better :biggrin2:


    do you know what your wearing?? :blink:

    im wearing a dress :teehee:



  13. hahahaha yeah i told him when i was pissed :lmao:


    he said im just as sad as you now :crybaby:


    i've been ill all week had a stinking cold and cough but i fink alcohol will help on saturday :das::das::das::lmao::lmao: