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  1. Hi Everyone ! So sorry for the delay, but here are my videos of last week !!! (intro BBB) (Underwater) (SATS) (Billy) (TAY) (Relax) Enjoy !!! xxx
  2. Okay thanks a lot ! yes I will check my dm no problem! Thanks! Xx
  3. Hi Mellody ! I'm looking for a ticket to go to Luxembourg ! Do you have still one for me ? ) Thanks you in advance ) Ninie xxx
  4. Hey guys ! I just introduce myself here after a long time of beeing a freak, lot of you knows me! thumb_yello: Im Virginie, called Ninie by others (and, i'm french, also ... haha ) I don't usually post here for the only reason is that i don't have the time and don't even had a good english too ! But i understand everything and i regularly read the MFC I did a lot of concerts by the past and lot of you will recognize me I'm sorry for my english and i hope i'm welcome among you, even if most of you already knows me!
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