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  1. Ciao. Io ho messo pi biglietti da vendere nel sito della Philarmonie . Venduti al presso di acquisto in 10 secondi . Loro hanno una lista d’attesa
  2. I just sent money for me, Lorella Lorenzini and Emanuela Ganzerla (party + flowers) thanks a lot @dcbeb! 🌸
  3. Why not the night after the show ? The gig starts at 8.pm I think that for 23 is over we remember fantastic party after casamika or The Voice . Mika was very happy to be there , now we can try. If he is with us will be wonderful otherwise ee’ have fun alone 😀
  4. I think that the site as it is structured is actually complicated. i read this post this night but I have had problem to find it again ! We are no longer used to the forum It is clear that as an archive it is priceless and must be maintained. MFC should promote Mika and his art, keep in touch fans and management, organize meetings, facilitate members in purchasing tickets. It's true it does, for example there were contests but probably because of the difficulties of access to the site a small group had benefits. . However, with a little effort it is not impossible to understand the site and follow our Mika.
  5. Mika continues his commitment as Uhncr's high profile testimonial. The charity event will take place in Milan on 9 November http://www.crisalidepress.it/moda/unhcr-charity-event-9-novembre-ci-mika/
  6. Some photos I took during the event. I hope you like them 🐞🍀
  7. Mika sends a short but significant video to show his involvement in the campaign against violence against women organized by 27 hours and Courier .Milano November 25, 2016. http://media2vam.corriere.it.edgesuite.net/fcs.quotidiani/VAM/2016/11/25/mikasito_20161125111459_800k.mp4?cmpid=tbd_d7b97e11qO_twitterl
  8. Mika as a guest @ Corriere.it on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women Mika parteciperà il 25/11 al una iniziativa della 27 ora per il Corriere. Nel link i dettagli http://27esimaora.corriere.it/16_novembre_23/25-novembre-11-18-artisti-ad-esperti-seguite-diretta-tv-corriere-e2ef339a-b1ca-11e6-aca9-06f7502f8eb7.shtml
  9. Kylie Minogue sta per pubblicare un disco di cover di brani natalazi. UNa delle canzoni è wonderful Chrismastime e sarà cantata in duetto con MIKA. La canzone scritta da Paul Mc Cartney fu pubblicata nel 1979 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kylie Minogue Returns With “Snow Queen” Edition Of “Kylie Christmas” The re-release has six new tracks, including a duet with Mika. by Christopher Rudolph 11/1/2016 Everyone’s favorite Australian pop princess is back to make the holiday season even campier. Kylie Minogue is re-releasing her 2015 holiday album, Kylie Christmas as a deluxe Snow Queen Edition with six new songs—featuring the lead single, a cover of “Wonderful Christmastime” with Mika. “I’m working on various things,” Minogue said when she was asked about new music back in September. “We’ve got some really, really good new additions to the Christmas album for this year.” In addition to new music, the “Aphrodite” singer is also headed back to the Royal Albert Hall in London for a two-night live Christmas spectacular. The Snow Queen Edition will be released on November 25. Check out the new artwork and tracklist below (*new songs). 1. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year 2. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (feat. Frank Sinatra) 3. Winter Wonderland 4. Only You (with James Corden) 5. Stay Another Day* 6. Christmas Wrapping (with Iggy Pop) 7. At Christmas* 8. I’m Gonna Be Warm This Winter 9. Every Day’s Like Christmas 10. Wonderful Christmastime (with Mika)* 11. 100 Degrees (with Dannii Minogue) 12. Let It Snow 13. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday* 14. White December 15. 2000 Miles 16. Santa Baby 17. Christmas Isn’t Christmas ’Til You Get Here 18. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 19. Oh Santa 20. Cried Out Christmas 21. Christmas Lights* 22. Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)* http://www.newnownext.com/kylie-minogue-christmas-snow-queen/11/2016/
  10. la notizia è già stata pubblicata don grande enfasi in un giornale di Aosta
  11. Mi pareva di aver letto che uno degli intenti dell'opera di Firenze fosse proprio quello di trasmettere gli eventi in streaming e anche a quello fosse destinata la quota raddolta del crowfounding.
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