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  1. Mika needs to come to Jazz Fest!!! Mssshhhhhsmmmhhhh!!!! I'm sorry. I will calm down now. BUT FOR REALZ.
  2. MAY. FREAKING. 9TH. A couple of days before my b-day. Thanks for the present, Mika. Anyone else wondering if it will be his last album..? It better not be or I may actually, literally die.
  3. Ah, guess it's a lookalike then. Only in there for a couple seconds, sooo... Thanks for your help!
  4. So... Anyone else think this is Mika? From BBC's Pompeii: The Last Day film/documentary. Here's the link to the film. "Mika" comes in around 23:00. Picture are attached.
  5. Thank you all for the welcomes! Ya'll seep super awesome. I live in the eastish region of the US. I like blue.
  6. Hi :bye: Just a tip - it's a good idea to put the country where you live as your location. It can come in very useful when there are special offers for fans in a particular country :wink2:

  7. Whatever. Relax, Leesa. Take it easy. My name is Leesa. I am obsessed with Mika. He is my favorite artist in the world. I have practically memorized all the episodes of The Voice and The X-Factor he was on. And I don't even speak Italian of French. So, my favorite song of his is... Blame It On the Girls..? I don't know that's too hard. So yeah. That's me.