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  1. You can have a look on France 2 replay, finale du Top 14, from 2.45.00. The quality is much better but they cut it after three songs...☹️
  2. Well I must say that I’m not as enthousiastic about the show that I was in the previous years but I don’t agree at all with Françoise Hardy and Michel Fuguain. There are beautiful voices, nice personalities and excellent musicians on the set. Guillaume made a very good performance with “Forteresse”, a M Fuguain’s song!!! How can they form a pertinent opinion if they don’t watch the program for more than 5 minutes????
  3. Hi everybody , I’m going to attend The Voice recording on Thursday the 14th. I will be alone and it’s the first time I ‘m going to the studio. I would be pleased to meet some Mika fans and spend the evening with them. Can anyone help me to find MFC people over there? I’m from Avignon and I’m 56, just for information😊. Many Thanks Véronique
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      Hi, if you'd like you change your user name pls send me a PM, thanks!