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  1. Gabry74

    Mika at BBC Radio 2 19 June 2019

    The streaming:
  2. Gabry74

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2019

    Domani Mika sarà alla BBC Radio 2 con Jack Savoretti alle ore 9 italiane e alle 18 su R101. E ne stiamo parlando anche qui:
  3. Gabryyyy ce l'ho fattaaa!!! :cheer::cheer: vado a vedere Mikaaa anche io a Torino!!! preso bigliettiiii son felicissimaaaa dopo tanto faticare ci vediamo a Torinooooo ciaooooooo

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    2. Paoletta


      @ Gabry74 e siii sarà super belloooo sicuramente ci sarà da divertirsii infatti sto ripassando le songs

    3. Gabry74
    4. Paoletta


      @ Gabry74 e grazie :mikadas:tu che 6 + esperta di live di mika di solito vendono merchandising (nel senso magliette, spille o roba simile) grazie sai cosi mi attrezzo con gli euri 6 sempre super gentile e disponibile te che posti hai per il concerto io ho preso 1° settore (prima fila)

  4. Mika will be at BBC Radio 2 the 19th of June 8am with Jack Savoretti.
  5. Gabry74

    Ask The Mod Squad!

    Thank you very much!!!!
  6. Thank you very much and I'm very happy for you!!!! ❤
  7. Gabry74

    Ask The Mod Squad!

    Hi! Why there isn't the possibility to put GOING on the Calendar about the event Mika at Party Like a Deejay the 22nd of June 2019 in Milan? Thanks.
  8. I ask it to the Mod team!
  9. Gabry74

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2019

    La percentuale delle visualizzazioni di Ice Cream ha raggiunto il 100%, in bocca al lupo e crepi il lupo a chi ha partecipato, per il m&g con Mika. Domani in edicola, nel nuovo numero di TV Sorrisi & Canzoni, ci sarà un'intervista molto interessante sulla realizzazione del nuovo album di Mika. E ne stiamo parlando anche qui:
  10. @Kumazzz I traslated the interview: Mika: "My new album will have grit, it won't ask anyone's permission" On 4 October "My name is Michael Holbrook" will be released, 4 years after the last record of unpublished works and 13 from the first. "To complete it, I closed the door on the world and found myself in a small house in Italy," he told us 17 June 2019 | 12:27 by Stefano Gradi Friendly, kind, knowledgeable and great professional. We met a Mika in great shape, fresh from having presented his new single "Ice Cream" at the Arena di Verona. The song anticipates his next album "My name is Michael Holbrook" which arrives on October 4th four years after the last and 13 years from the first. «I wanted to write an album that had that determination, that joy that burns with strong colors, with that strong feeling of not asking permission before doing something, not thinking about the consequences or what people think. This is a very pop, deeply pop attitude. It's the attitude I could have on my first album "Life in Cartoon Motion". Strangely, I had to get rid of Mika, so calling the album "My name is Michael Holbrook", which is my real name, was a release that made me the boy I was thirteen years ago, "Mika told us. He then went on: «I wrote the album at home in America and then I went to a small house in Italy for a few weeks where I built a small studio and completed it. I brought the album home, I closed the door on the world and found myself ". And on the relationship he has with our country he said: "My relationship with Italy has always been a very very beautiful thing, I must say that I did not expect this. In November the tour begins in Italy, 12 dates from north to south. Even if we go to Asia, Japan, America ... for Italy there is a special space in my heart ». The dates of Mika's tour in Italy: ..... ..... .....
  11. Mika on the next number of TV Sorrisi & Canzoni in newsstands tomorrow (18th of June 2019):
  12. I hope in a "young" live stream!
  13. Well the direct will be from 21 to 24 and... It's already so long!
  14. Gabry74

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2019

    Buongiorno! Questa sera andrà in onda La Chanson De L'Année su Tf1 alle ore 21, registrata il 16 giugno a Nîmes. A Issy les Moulineaux Mika si esibirà in un Festival organizzato da RFM e ne stiamo parlando anche qui: Martedì 18 giugno alle ore 21 Mika sarà in onda su Radio 24 a La Notte Prima Degli Esami.