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  1. The YouTube channel David Dobrik is using the first few seconds of Love You When I'm Drunk in his Videos for Intro;)
  2. Hey community:) I wonder why there is not at least one Concert in Germany. Not 2015, nor 2016... I'm absolutely sure a concert in Cologne would be sold out... It's a pity he is not coming to Germany. I loved the Concert in Brussels last year but I could not understand him because for the most part he was talking French... And I can't go to the Concert in London this year... Does anybody know wether there is some specific reason for this? Cheers, Fred.
  3. That is MY SIZE <3_<3 You know his shoe size, maybe also his phone number? Then I could call him and ask him for the shoes:D:D:D
  4. I'd also take Mikas shoes from the concert do you know what shoe size he has?
  5. I was one second from clicking [order] but I think you cant get the original shoes for that price But I love them ='-(
  6. That's right... I'm afraid to order.... if you google "clshoeusa" there ar some advises that it might not be safe...
  7. Hello♥ I visited the Mika concert on September 23. in Brussels and he wore those amazing green glitter Sneakers. Does anybody have an Idea were I could get those or similar ones? Here's a Picture: https://www.facebook.com/mikasounds/photos/a.10153258844298040.1073741919.6006248039/10153264519843040/?type=3&permPage=1 Cheers, Fred♥
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