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  1. Perfecto español! Espero que pronto puedas ver a Mika en concierto. Sus conciertos en directo son los mejores.

    1. ita_drgen


      Gracias)) no va a venir en Rusia este año ;(

  2. Hola. Hablas español? Me llamo Alba y soy de Barcelona :) Bienvenida al MFC :))

    1. ita_drgen


      ¡Hola! Encantada de conocerte ;) me llamo Natalia, soy de Moscú. ¡Gracias!

  3. Thanks everyone for your warm welcome! It's incredible ^^
  4. Contact me when you do!) It's always better to have some company.
  5. Спасибо! I actually follow your Vk public page about Mika we even exchanged comments a few times.
  6. Hello everyone! I joined this forum a couple of days ago and I think this topic might be a good way to start My name is Natalia and I live a small town with a too long name not far from Moscow. I love books, music, languages. Sometimes I take up handmade, something like embroidery work or painting on T-shirts ???? Apart from Russian and English, I speak French and Spanish. Also, thanks to - oh, well, I believe that's the community where everyone will understand - thanks to Mika, I recently started studying Italian)) I'm open to new contacts and I'm always willing to help with the Russian language or answer any questions about my country, for example As for how I discoved Mika, well, there are several stages to this story) First, I recall listening to Relax somewhere around 2008 but I didn't even have Internet access to find any other songs or learn anything abou the singer. A couple of years ago I found Elle me dit which became for me an introduction to francophone pop music and some other songs. Once again, somehow I didn't really explore the singer ???? Finally, in November I started watching the 3rd season of the Voice... and oh. My. God. ???? well, here I am. I already have a number of reasons to be grateful to Mika. Well, I guess that's enough for now. Thanks for reading ????
  7. Salut! My name is Natalia, I'm from Russia. I study law and I love books, music and languages. (Je parle aussi français y español ) I would really love to become a part of this fabulous community so I'm open to any new contacts.
  8. Well, I'm totally new here and thought this might be a good place to start I'm Natalia from Russia.
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