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  1. Did anyone record it when he was brushing his hair? That's so adorable. Also, as he was brushing hair, I think he may look really good in ponytail...something like this..
  2. Here is the audio of the whole show, I think I missed several songs, but most are here... mika corona night 1.mp3
  3. hi I have very good quality audio recordings. I will compile everything together and post here as mp3 file tonight.
  4. I did a little editing, but I'm not 100% sure..
  5. Thank you!! I got one lower level one balcony Want to feel different locations~~
  6. The mood in the Oldlings is sad so I thought I would reply to you here.  Sounds like you had a very busy time - I don't think my body would have coped with all the time changes.  Hope you get some relaxation (and sleep) before you set off for your next visit.  That will be a long flight too.

    1. yang


      Thank you, I just saw Leona's post. I will have a few days off before flying to Australia, hope everything will be fine.

  7. Yes, this way, it is easier to make conversations across members, especially for the forums that you talked a lot.
  8. Silver, many many thanks!!!! I am so so so sorry about this.
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