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  1. Thank you!! I got one lower level one balcony Want to feel different locations~~
  2. Welcome! I added your name on the list~
  3. The mood in the Oldlings is sad so I thought I would reply to you here.  Sounds like you had a very busy time - I don't think my body would have coped with all the time changes.  Hope you get some relaxation (and sleep) before you set off for your next visit.  That will be a long flight too.

    1. yang


      Thank you, I just saw Leona's post. I will have a few days off before flying to Australia, hope everything will be fine.

  4. Yes, this way, it is easier to make conversations across members, especially for the forums that you talked a lot.
  5. Silver, many many thanks!!!! I am so so so sorry about this.
  6. Hi, I am sorry I wasn't paying attention to this thread recently . I am very sorry for the late response. Just add your names..
  7. This is an old snip pic I did on the 2008 Paris concert. Love his smile...
  8. It's an amazing performance! So many details and emotions. I was completely overwhelmed (in a good way ☺️). In the last few months I try to limit my exposure to him since waiting for new album and new tour is too much. I thought I no longer adore him as a person, I thought now I only like his music. Now I know that's totally a delusion 🤣. For the parts where he was a little rusty, I think, to be fair, we are being too critical to MIKA. During this time period I watched the live performances of other singers, they use A LOT backup vocals, not only the human kind, but also the audio-playing kind, especially during the choruses or when they're dancing. MIKA did none of that, so it is perfectly reasonable that there're little flaws. And I don't think the audio is well collected. PS: I noticed how his curls was losing its volume, how it turns from fluffy to soggy. I thought he somehow found a way to grow more hair. Turns out that's a delusion too 😆. PPS: Who else cannot help but peeking at his abs 😁?
  9. Just heard the snippet of the song, it is sooo good!!! 🤗 I can't believe I missed it before!!