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  1. Hi, I haven't participated in a long, long time, being honest, I think I never came around to introducing myself. I have been a fan since WAG but registered in 2016 a result of his song "Hurts". At the time my son was being bullied at school and that song really made a difference. Since then, I have been helping in Mexico's fan club. I am a translator, married, old enough to be one of your "aunties" if not grandma (hahaha). I was lucky enough to have Mika in front of me in his concert in Mexico, last September 24, so I am one of the lucky ones
  2. Hi 

    Thank you for helping me.  I had not participated much because I am really really shy, and being honest, life happens and I wasn't able to check the fan page (I know I am sorry).  If I want to introduce myself, how can I do it. I went to the introductions section but I do not see any button to access my introduction... thank you for the help


    1. silver


      I can see you have already worked out what to do :naughty:


      Welcome to the MFC

    2. eniacjes


      yes thank you, I am stumbling around, sorry, until I get the hang of it. I apologize 

      Thank you for your help and patience

  3. Since his first open concert in Mexico on September 24, I was able to connect with other fans. I am already a member of Mexico's fan club, but somehow we had not met together. His concert was an opportunity to meet before, to plan activities, and to create several chats in whatsapp.

    We are creating a memory of his concert in Mexico, and we have some anecdotes and stories, I hope you would let me share them with all the fans.

    I am enclosing one of the photos before the concert. We started gathering at the entrance of the venue since 10 am, so at some point around 2 o'clock they let us enter a kind of lobby where they have the venue's store and such. This photo is of one of the lobbies.  I do not participate a lot in the club, because I am a little bit shy, but my friend Cosette Vilches pulled my ears yesterday. So if you allow me, I will share with you the memories of that night and some anecdotes.  We are planning to include them in a book for Mika maybe someday when / if he comes back to Mexico

    WhatsApp Image 2019-11-20 at 11.51.25 AM.jpeg

    1. silver


      Hola!  The best place to post all your stories and photos is in  this thread



    2. eniacjes


      Thank you, I am really lost on the website really really lost, lost lost


  4. I made something for Mika's mom some years ago... 

    When he came to Mexico I gave it to the French TV crew who filmed his concert in Mexico. I hope they gave it to him, and I hope Mika gave it to his mom.


    Mika's mom's project.pptx

    1. silver


      I hope so too. 

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