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  1. I'll try to go as well. It's expensive since I'm Portuguese, but I'll just make a mini-vacation out of it if I can. I really loved the Como performance and seeing something like that live would be amazing. Hotel is booked since I can cancel it if I don't manage to get tickets - will have to wait until October to book the flight though.
  2. Thank you everyone! Feeling very welcome here. MIKA fans are the best. Obrigada Mary! Assim farei!
  3. Yup, too bad I didn't get it back when it was released. It's not a life or death situation but I'd sure love to have it - will have to keep scouring eBay.
  4. Thanks Eriko! But unfortunately from what I can understand after running the website through Google Translate, it's out of print, so much so that I can't add it to the cart. I knew this was a tough one though so thank you nonetheless!
  5. Hi everyone. I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking to get a copy of Songs For Sorrow if I can; there are a couple available on eBay, but a bit over my price range. So if anyone is looking to sell theirs, or knows someone who is, do let me know! Thanks!
  6. Mine would be Last Party as well. I love Queen and Freddie Mercury, and I love the meaning behind the song and how it pays a tribute to him. It gives me chills every time I listen to it.
  7. I really hope not! His show was fairly short (1h30min) so I hope I'll get chance to attend a "proper" concert just with Mika in the near future. He has come to Portugal a few times already but hey, maybe I'll consider traveling to a show
  8. Hi everyone! Here to make the obligatory introductions about myself and how I ended up here today. I'm a Portuguese girls, 24 years old, Psychology is my profession, and I've been in-and-out as a Mika fan during the past few years - let me explain. When his music started popping up here in Portugal, I was 15 and I remember very clearly being amazed by Grace Kelly and this new crazy singer that had so much energy and made such positive songs. But Mika was deemed uncool by lots of people, God knows why, and after that first period where I was a huge fan in the making, I sort of moved on and stopped following his work quite so closely. Ugh, influenceable teenagers. He always was on the radio though, so I guess I strayed away from the music, but the music didn't stray away from me. Fast forward to 20th May 2016 when I went to Rock in Rio Lisbon to see Queen and got the added bonus of a Mika show. I was sort of curious, let's see what this guy has been up to since I last heard him, and boy... was I amazed. From the first song I was hooked all over again and I was loving the new songs, that were perhaps not so new already - I just hadn't been paying close enough attention. I absolutely love what Mika has been doing ever since that first album, and am I glad that I was there to watch him live and get swept off my feet all over again. I diligently proceeded to get all the albums off Amazon to catch up - and Sinfonia Pop has been my obsession over the past few days. So here I am, lengthy introduction but I'm glad to be back on the Mika train and hope you'll like to have me here as well!
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