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  1. I am interested in please call reishu
  2. I am interested in please contact reishu Nihei
  3. I am interested in please contact reishu NIHEI
  4. I am interested in i buy right now Sivan please contact me !!!
  5. I am interested in still available???
  6. Dear Deb, This is Reishu Nihei from Paris. How are you ? Hope you enjoyed Indeed x pride concert today as lot of MFC members and others. I still looking for a ticket for Paris concert in October…How can I get just ONE or two, to enjoy with my daughter. I am working a lot and I often miss your Instagram Live but I try to watch as possible as I can. i have already ask through Instagram’s message regarding the concert ticket. You gave me a link mikafanclub ticket thread but no ticket at the moment ? I do not know how to do. would you please be so kind to give an advice to get one ticket. It would be wonderful. I thank you very much in advance Deb Reishu, from a Japanese lady living in Paris. Please take care of you and your loved one. Kind regards Reishu
  7. Sorry, I am living in Paris and ready to come and listen to his concert around the world; and would be pleased to come in Italy for his first concert in Italy (?) after the confinement thank you for your advice kind regards ms Reishu Nihei
  8. hello, I am living in Paris I would be pleased to attend Mika's concert would be pleased to buy tickets. How am I going to be there with Covid 19 problems. French government did not announce the possibility to leave the country for the moment. Would Mika may help me to come to see him ? Please help Thank you for your support Kinds regards, nihei0602@gmail.com reishu nihei
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