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    Aside from all things Mika, I like Art, Rock climbing, physics and maths (because I'm clinically insane) and I'm trying to learn French.

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  1. I finally out my tree up this weekend! Seem to have spent most of the last week putting up everyone else's! Which is awesome because I love Christmas. Our one in the art room at my school has Freddie Mercury on top, and one of the ones in our reception area is decorated with wooden stars that have the younger students Christmas/New year wishes on them! Its so cute! I do a different theme for mine each year, this time I decorated with handmade decorations only.
  2. Thank you everyone, you all seem lovely! I will definitely check out those threads, Eriko's will be extremely helpful! And C.J - if you get the chance I would definitely recommend watching the Mandalorian. Baby Yoda is the cutest
  3. I have a feeling I've done this wrong, apologies in advance. Hi, I'm Edwin Rose, (she/they) from England. I'm 17. The first Mika song I heard was Popular Song, because I had a friend who was into Ariana Grande and I was just like, oh wow, that guys cool who's he? And now, he's one of my favourite artists. My favourite songs of his are We are Golden (because I live for glitter not you ), Staring at the Sun ( The French version) and I know it's fairly new, but Le Coeur Holiday, although I can't watch the music video without crying. Squirrel Mika 😢. I am also into Rock climbing, like to make glass art and am a complete nerd, so am now going to watch The Mandalorian.
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