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  1. For ages I was excited before the gig too! I had that kind of excited/nervous feeling (just me?) but the excitement definitely won over the nerves! I was worried that the youtube feature on my smart USB stick wouldn't work on the TV, I'm so glad it did. Maybe that's why I was nervous
  2. How could I forget that he sang Happy Ending and Tiny Love? Both were absolutely astounding performances too! Admittedly after going to an actual real life concert I tend to have a day where my mind goes blank simply because I've taken so much in from what I've experienced. Didn't think that would happen with this! I was also really tired afterwards, it's not like I had to queue or stand in a crowd for hours but I got that kind of tiredness where I couldn't actually fall asleep for ages!
  3. Don't get me wrong I'm glad to watch it again and again but is this really fair? Especially when nearly 20,000 people payed to watch the live stream. The concert is for charity, it was never intended to be a free event. Whoever uploaded this would surely need permission?
  4. I've just checked on YouTube and it's gone back to saying Private Video Not fair! I was hoping to watch again today!
  5. Looooong review for y'all to read. I had to write something. The concert has left me with such a mixed bag of emotions!
  6. If you wish to discuss the live stream concert in a lot more detail with a full review please use this space to do so! Here's mine. As I said before it's quite long I would have logged in straight after the concert but I got so many notifications on twitter afterwards that I spent a while there and then went to bed (I was very tempted to watch the whole thing again and probably will later), starting to feel PMD now . Anyway consider this my first concert review! It's quite long and took me over an hour to write! First of all my bud
  7. That was a most beautiful, amazing, wonderful and magical Mika concert I've ever been to. What a night! So pleased I can watch it again and again because I really don't want it to end. I've written a full review, would it be ok to start a new topic in the concert review section or shall I post it here. It is quite long...
  8. I think it's going to be pretty quiet here during the concert. I'd much rather be focused on Mika than checking notifications here. I'll probably come back an hour after the show to join any discussions though
  9. Good morning everyone! Today's the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean and we're going to a Mika concert! 😁 excited finding nemo GIF


    I've had such a rough time over the past few weeks and today's the only day I'm really looking forward to. It's my first full day in a long time where I can just relax, take it easy... 😆

    I'm so excited for the concert and I'm positive that watching Mika perform will make me feel tons better. 😊 

    1. Starlight


      We'll have an amazing time! :wub2: 

    2. Ally Kate

      Ally Kate

      Love Finding Nemo! ) I'm sure we'll all have a blast, even miles apart 🙌

    3. TinyLove_CJ


      It worked. I feel more than tons better!

  10. Seeing as this is pre-recorded to look live, I do wonder if it could potentially be put onto DVD , this would be especially useful for anyone who is unable to watch tomorrow and of course the money can still go towards the various charities. Still hoping for the Revelation Tour Bercy gig Mika did to be put on DVD...
  11. Still holding out hope that they'll be available in the UK some day Until such a time, would anyone be able to get me 2 Lotus boxes? Will happily pay for them plus postage
  12. Two songs with Danna! Do we think she'll sing one of her own, one of Mika's together or another new collab? It's so close now, I'm so excited! Did a snack shop a couple of days ago and put all the snacks at the back of a cupboard so I'm not tempted to eat them before then, I have specifically chosen food that doesn't make a loud crunch! Nothing is going to disturb this concert for me!
  13. I hope Mika sings Good Guys now that Rufus Wainwright has been announced! The song is currently stuck in my head but I really want to hear it live! I'll be wearing my Good Guys t-shirt on the day in the hopes that Mika does sing it! ❤
  14. It's only been a few hours and this is actually working by listening to it on repeat! Reading the full lyrics in English I can actually relate to them, not sure if that's depressing or enlightening, or a little bit of both... From not being keen at first, to then liking the song fairly quickly... you'll see I'll be saying I love this song in a minute
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