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  1. @Dominika A lot of Mika's cooking is in this thread, if you haven't already seen it. 😊
  2. It Had to Be You - Harry Connick Jr. Version. I was watching 'When Harry met Sally', again. Love the song, love the film.
  3. siamo tutti qui l'uno per l'altro e per Mika. Sa che stiamo pensando a lui e alla sua famiglia in questo momento difficile. Inoltre, sto usando Google per aiutare con il mio italiano, di solito scrivo in inglese! 😄
  4. I once had a budgie called Mika. Not a bit like his name sake. He was probably the most aggressive budgie I've ever come across. Still loved him so much, even though he couldn't sing. 🐦

  5. Not sure about the camera, it was a bit strange, it was like I was the camera looking on but I was definitely in the room with them. I remember the ring most vividly, could probably draw it. @giraffeandy indeed a very sweet dream, alas no more since then
  6. I see the users here in another country to me that's usually 1 or 2 hours ahead of the UK. I see you posting and I'm thinking "Why aren't you in bed?" but of course there's a perfectly good reason for that. And the reason is Mika!


    But seriously go to bed! Sleep is important! 😴 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lilyen


      (because I am sick a bit :D can not sleep..) :))

    3. TinyLove_CJ


      @Lilyen oh no I hope you feel better soon :)


    4. Lilyen


      @TinyLove_CJ yeah, today numerous of nice hot baths helped a lot, and fruit tea ❤️ thank you for worrying! :))))

  7. I feel like this thread is getting off topic from Mika's social media updates, so I'm going to this thread now, where we can talk about other stuff:
  8. The whole thing with Mika not appearing tonight has my anxiety/paranoia rocketing right up. I'm sure there's a simple explanation. But I have Instagram, Twitter and MFC all open now for any news. I should really go to bed and remain calm. That's what I'm going to do actually. Hopefully a very rational, non-worrying reason will be here when I wake up in the morning. 

    Good night ❤

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    2. Mikasister


      I am calm. He doesn't always have to tell us everything. If he sees it necessary, he will say something. 

    3. Lilyen


      : O . OKAY.

    4. TinyLove_CJ


      @Mikasister That's the state of mind I've put myself in. He'll tell us himself if there's any news to tell. Just got to be patient. 

  9. I'm worried too. Just went onto Twitter and saw so many people just putting '@/mikasounds ❤' with no explanation. I realise now that he didn't appear for the online video. I hope everything is ok and like others have said, maybe a connection issue.
  10. I'm looking for any videos of Mika when he was on this UK weekend show years ago. I couldn't even tell you what year. It used to be called 'Something for the Weekend' but then it changed to 'Sunday Brunch'. I think Mika was on before the name change but I can't be sure. He may have been on more than once too, I remember him performing at the end of the show. Hopefully something can be found. Thanks.
  11. Ice Cream - Mika, to help with my favourite track report! 🍦
  12. I see my MFC rank has once again changed to Ultimate Mika Fan. This makes me feel powerful!