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  1. I've only ever seen one of these on eBay and was absolutely gutted when I was outbid 🙁, I'll keep looking. I do use my pilot pens too but the loose ones I keep in a nice pen pot and the ones that came in the boxes are on display but again I do use them. I love it when people notice my Mika t-shirts! I have quite the collection now so wear them regularly. As for the Swatch watches they're on display in their original boxes and only worn on special occasions, I'm scared of losing them, breaking them and the straps fading 😅 As for the tissues if I do get any and use them, I've got some toy stuffing that I could always fill the packaging with and then display them on a shelf too! 😁
  2. For people who have the tissues or are going to get them, I'm curious to know are you going to use the tissues? I'm thinking that if I get any I will use them but just keep the outer packaging. Would love to see a limited edition hard tissue box or maybe those cube shaped boxes too. I remember that interview too where Mika mentions a design project with Yasmine and when I first saw the release of the tissues I did think that this must be it. I see similarities here to the Pilot pen designs too.
  3. Absolutely love this! Brilliant idea
  4. It doesn't look like the website ships internationally 🙁 Little strange that Mika would design a tissue box but want one!
  5. When I first heard Stardust I honestly thought Mika was singing: "and I'm a little guilty here inside" Then for some ridiculous reason my brain changed it to: "and I'm a little filthy at my side" When the actual lyrics are: "And all the little things we leave behind" Why would my brain ever do this to me? 😲 I don't know why I would think Mika would be guilty or filthy! 😁 Also I keep hearing "tell me what my parents must be." in Beautiful Disaster, when it's penance, PENANCE! Yes tell me what my penance must be for getting all these lyrics so wrong 🙈
  6. It's usually extremely annoying when cars blast music late at night, but last night around midnight just before I was going to sleep a car drove by playing 'Relax' really loud! 


    I woke up with the song still in my head! 😁 

    1. silver


      I, on the other hand, have "Sylvia's Mother" in my head today - I don't even like the song :aah:

    2. TinyLove_CJ


      I hate that too when a song I don't like sticks in my head! 


      Something I do for earworms that works though is to start listening to the song that's stuck and about 20-30 seconds in switch it to a song you like instead, then that song will become the earworm! At least then it's going to be a good song to sing along to 😁

  7. I will get on it! 👍 Also, I would really like to try the Mika cocktail... But I don't drink looks like I'll just have to stick to lemon juice and ginger beer! 😁
  8. Finally the playlist! 😁 I made a Cooking with Mika YouTube playlist, would anyone like me to add these songs to it or shall I create a new one called Mika Pride? Great choice of songs by the way! 🌈
  9. Aaaaah the new MFC logo on the website here looks so good! (yes I've only just noticed 🙈)


    @Sivan you did a really good job, I can't wait to see it on a badge or other merch! 😃

    1. Paoletta


      @TinyLove_CJ ooooh yeeees i agreee it's soo soo good the new logo😃

    2. Sivan


      Thank you!!!! :) 

    3. Lilyen


      A g r ee!!!

  10. Not sure what's going on with this dream but it's a weird one. I apologise in advance for how long this is but I have really vivid dreams ok? I dreamt last night that me, my mum and Mika (I remember he was wearing the light blue suit with the polka dot shirt), were trapped in an indoor alligator enclosure. The three alligators were free roaming and very hungry! Weirdly they all had dog noses 😁 We were all scared of being eaten and found a safe spot on top of storage unit. The enclosure was really big and we couldn't find the exit, it was like an indoor jungle. We must have been trapped for a long time because I said we needed to find food to stay alive, there was an apple tree being guarded by the alligators but I managed to knock some of the apples down with a long stick. The apples weren't enough to keep us going so I suggested we kill the fish which were in a small pond, Mika was really against this but I did it anyway because I was so hungry 😭 We might have been on top of that storage unit for days, I don't know, but whenever I got upset about being trapped Mika would hug me and tell me it will be ok (oh to be hugged by Mika really would be a dream come true!), he said that if me and my mum could get him out of the enclosure then we would get VIP tickets to any of his concerts anywhere in the world. This made me more determined to find the exit, I finally found these large double doors and we all managed to rush through before the alligators got us. The next thing I know me and my mum are in the crowd watching Mika at one of his gigs and it really was a VIP experience because he invited us on stage to tell our story and dance with him! It was such an intense dream, I can still remember the all the plants in the enclosure and the colour of the fish too!
  11. I dreamt last night that a secret admirer (who could it be?) sent me all of the Mika tofu dolls and a bunch of other Mika merch too.


    I was a little disappointed this morning when the post lady walked straight past my house 😞 

    1. Paoletta


      @TinyLove_CJ aww beautiful dream... 

      I understand you .. when you wake up it's always a bit strange to come back to reality ..😩

  12. I googled what they actually are and they seem really easy to make and do look like something I would eat. Now to get Mika to cook for me... 😜
  13. I know some of the Japanese editions of LICM and TBWKTM came with cute little sticker sheets, but did any of Mika's other album's in Japan come with stickers too or other goodies?

  14. I'm calling this the Work Out Wiggle! 😁 Me too! 🙁
  15. Just out of curiosity what would someone be willing to pay for TBWKTM badge set? (new in packet, never been opened)



    I'm not posting this in the selling Mika items thread yet because at the moment I'm not 100% sure, I really just want to gauge interest and get an idea of a price range.

    1. mellody


      As an orientation, the Revelation Tour badge set was 10€ - I'd probably just put it on Ebay with 10€ as a starting price and see if it goes any higher. :dunno: