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  1. I've only just realised that I missed the IG live because I thought it would be tonight! 😭 Seriously can someone give me a poke when they happen?, I think that's the 4th I've missed! Anyway I love how the lyrics have been put together (thanks for including mine too!) and will take an hour out tonight to catch up on IGTV!
  2. Why thank you! I like to think that my 27 years on this planet means I've learned a thing or two about being 'down with the kids'*...... *I'll see myself out 😅
  3. I agree here. If we never start an open discussion like this then we'll never know how people are going to feel. I'm glad we have a forum based website for Mika fans, and keeping threads open/visible allows others to see how we're taking in each other's views and having a polite discussion amongst fans of all ages. Thank you! I will get round to it soon 😊
  4. This is certainly an interesting discussion and one I think should be discussed openly and honestly, here at MFC I like to think that it's safe to do so. This is my take on the subject, sorry in advance for it being quite long. I agree with a lot of points already made in this thread. It can be uncomfortable to read sexualised comments about Mika (or anyone for that matter!) but I think this can be regardless of age. Whether this is minors who haven't learned about the dangers of social media or adults who actually do know better and do feel uncomfortable reading such c
  5. Logged in just a few minutes ago and it's happened! As you can see in the picture below the notification in bold is my only new notification. But then I noticed a reply to the Mika Instagram, Facebook, Twitter thread so I thought I'd check it out. If you look at the time on my phone in the screen shot (top right) it's only a minute later and in the thread you can see it says 'Unread Replies'. Not sure what's causing this to happen.
  6. I noticed this too! Missed notifications don't appear in the list, I think the next time it happens I'll have to take a screen shot, for now I guess I'll just have to keep checking as and when I log in.
  7. I seem to be having an occasional problem, by which I mean it only happens every so often not all the time. Sometimes when I log in I'll have no new notifications, but then when I go to a thread I follow there'll be new replies in that thread and I've completely missed them because of not getting the notification! This has happened with quite a few threads I follow. I've double checked my notification settings but nothing has changed. Has this affected anyone else? Like I said it's only occasionally but it's still annoying!
  8. Oh my this is bringing back memories of the hours spent in my art class, I used to listen to We Are Golden on repeat trying my best to keep the volume down so the teacher wouldn't hear it! 😂
  9. Maybe we should put different verses together from different people and have a sing a long!? 🤔 We could do this through zoom if anyone's up for it. 😂
  10. My take on this. I've tried to make it rhyme and fit the rhythm of Dear Jealousy, I tried... 😅 Dear quarantine My room knows every part of me These 4 walls staring back at me I just want to leave I'm in quarantine A virus named covid-19 It made me sick for two weeks I'm tired than I've ever been Oh baby I'm tired, I'm tired I'm tired of this. I'm tired of all the bad news When will it ever stop? I'm hopeful, I'm hopeful I'm hoping for a better time. An army of key workers, Doctors and n
  11. Just discovered this thread and it is hilarious. I might come up with something myself! 😂
  12. Hello and welcome @falsetto I'm C.J from the UK! A very detailed intro there and I love how that you listened to Mika at school, I used to do that too! I'm sure you'll soon come to love the community here. 😊
  13. How do you do that thing where you type like this then hide text where it says 'reveal hidden content' and then carry on typing normally again? 

    Is it only possible in desktop browser mode? 

    1. silver


      I don't know - on a PC/laptop you would use the "eye" symbol on the edit bar.  So it depends if you get the full edit bar on your phone.

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