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  1. I'm gonna open a review thread (unless someone beats me to it!), but we're really not allowed to say too much about it! 🤐 I think I recognise you! Were you sat front row to the right of the stage?
  2. Anyone at the venue yet? I'm just chilling in my hotel for a little while before I head down there for the concert. Me and Mum did scope out the entrance and just round the side of the entrance they have a small piano! If anyone heard from inside the venue about 20-30 minutes ago that was my Mum! Apparently rehearsals are ongoing now too
  3. Congratulations!!! I hope it's an enjoyable one, do you mind me asking what job?
  4. I wonder if he would wear a costume? Maybe a camel so he can hide snacks in the hump!
  5. On The One Show tonight, one of the guests Steve Backshall (well known naturalist) was explaining how clown fish make noises, he mentioned that some fish "talk" through their bottoms. Yeah... I know a few humans who do that too!
  6. Yes it is. Knowing Mika, this is probably more likely! 😅
  7. Just caught up with The One Show now, nearly had a heart attack when they talked about filming the final for The Piano and Mika said "yes, tomorrow", NO, IT'S DEFINITELY SUNDAY!!! My anxious brain had to triple check the venue website and my tickets just to be sure. Mika please don't do that to me! (He either got the date wrong by accident or he might have meant rehearsals, either way I'm stressed enough without having the date being wrong!). Anyway... lovely interview and so good to actually see him there in the studio. I love that he couldn't stop smiling! Something he said really touched me too, "You make music to say things you can't say with words.", I don't make music but I do play songs as a way to express myself, as I find that difficult to do with words. One of my favourite quotes is "When words fail, music speaks." ❤
  8. Yes, I'll watch it a little later on in the evening because even my Mum doesn't want to miss it!
  9. Looks like I'm gonna have to miss the One Show tonight so I hope someone records it! 🙏
  10. There is this thread: I know the title suggests it's mainly about autism but we could always discuss neurodivergence in general terms there too. But that's not to say we can't have a separate thread if you wanted to!
  11. I hadn't heard of Chappell Roan before now. Hard to say just yet if I'll be a big fan of hers, I haven't been through her whole discography just yet, but I really like the songs you shared above @Jaela!!! I had time to listen to a couple others too, Kink is Karma and Casual, these are more growers I think but odds are I'll up liking these just as much the more I listen to them! Her music videos are super creative and a lot of fun, especially Red Wine Supernova, that has to be my favourite so far!
  12. A year and 3 months on and this is relevant again!!! In the back of todays TV magazine: Which means next week I'll be buying all the different magazines that mention The Piano (again!).
  13. Well, they got that wrong! The final is in Manchester this year!
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