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  1. Just noticed that the rankings have finally been recalculated. I'm "Beyond Fanatical" 😎, doesn't look like we can edit them though like with the previous rankings. And so far everyone seems to have a blue rocket attached to their profile picture... 🤔
  2. I know what you mean, I hate crowded places like shopping malls or busy streets, but at a concert I'm completely different and can just be myself amongst other people who are all there for the same reason to all enjoy watching the performer/artist.
  3. Because of the ghost talk in the chat box I went and watched Ghostbusters again. At a certain point of the movie, I heard some music in the background which instantly made me think of Mika. Yes, from a 1984 movie. Watch this video from 1.18 for 9 seconds and pay close attention to the background music. Video quality isn't great so you might have to turn the volume up. Then go and listen to the very beginning of Toy Boy, about 7 seconds in. IT'S THE SAME PIANO NOTES! I repeat, this movie was made in 1984, a year after Mika was born!
  4. Here I'm sharing the website for Center for Black Equity: https://centerforblackequity.org/ They're an international network (but I think they're based in the US), that aim for equal rights for all LGBT+ people of colour. They have resources that can help the black LGBT+ community with finances, getting a job, health and social care. They also organise pride events all around the world, all their events for next year are listed on the website.
  5. Maybe this is why Mika hasn't got round to finishing his own book yet, he knows that his fans have his life story already covered!
  6. I'm so glad we're getting more news about this now! Yay! Google is telling me that 2pm ET is 6pm GMT, I hope that's right... Excited!
  7. Glad it's the right one @Hero! I was going through my saved posts on Instagram (all of which are Mika related 😅) and when I came across that one I remembered your request! I think when you've been in this fandom long enough, being a Mika detective is almost second nature 😁
  8. Could it be this one? https://www.instagram.com/p/B-fiR5FjGJ3/?utm_medium=copy_link Couldn't tell you what concert it's from though.
  9. I was still thinking about this last night and thought I would work out a very rough estimate of just how many songs I like. It really would take me months to do if I did it properly so I just totted up album songs, box set CDs, playlists, film music, soundtracks and miscellaneous music... the grand total of which comes to a rough estimate of 4300 songs! A big chunk of that is 80's music, David Bowie, Reggae music, Amy Winehouse, Caro Emerald, McFly and of course MIKA! 😆 4300 songs might not be a lot to some people (I guess it depends when you started listening to music in your life), but to me that's a lot! And I listen to new music all the time and my interests can change from one week to the next. I watched the interview yesterday, I don't mind Mika not talking about himself because the whole point is to share stories through music and hearing Paul's interpretations was really interesting, even if his playlist is only 5 songs 😅, however there is one thing that Mika said though that I'm stealing for my story writing: "Sun kissed and honey dewed" I think it was when he was talking about Sanremo 🤔, anyway it's a beautiful description!
  10. This reminds me of the private playlist I have which currently has over 50 songs! 😅 (including some of Mika's and I tend to add more every few weeks!) Only 15?! How could you leave out his other songs? The full playlist of my life would be every Mika album plus every other song I like, at a guess that kind of a playlist would be near 1000 songs! 😅
  11. I guess it can be a mixture of all of those things. If my playlist was my intire life story it would have been a lot longer though 😅, I chose songs that I have a connection with from the past and there's also a few songs that show my insecurities. All of them together give a picture of who I am. And of course there's a few Mika songs in there, how could I not!? 😁
  12. @Marit R. Nielsen I love your playlist! I love the Rihanna and Roxette choices and High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco is one of my favourite songs. Also that Lily Allen song is an excellent choice , I listen to that a lot on a private playlist I have 😅
  13. This is why I'm not really a big fan of Spotify and I'm not willing to pay extra for the premium version when youtube is free, and besides Spotify doesn't show you Mika's awesome videos! I've finally created a playlist which I shared on IG but I don't mind sharing it here too: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-qhMzj0DAdzK5fXzOXK0gGslgethbF6h
  14. I really want to but like @crazyaboutmika said I'm also not keen on streaming apps because I buy music instead, I might do it through YouTube though. It's a shame that you can't share links on IG stories without having 10000 followers though 😕. I guess I could always use twitter. Even though I haven't shared anything yet, I get what you mean about feeling vulnerable, there are some songs that I have a really personal connection with because of what they mean to me and I'm not sure if I'd want to explain those reasons just yet 😅.
  15. The message is enough really, even if I did want him to sing. Mika could pop up and just say one word in a video and that would still make my day! 😁 Question is, what word would it be? 🤔
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